How to Find a Trustworthy Long Distance Moving Company

How to Find a Trustworthy Long Distance Moving Company

Moving locally can be hard and the stress is doubled when you move across the country. However, after you figure out how to find a trustworthy moving company, this will give you peace of mind as your belongings are being transported from one place to another. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself as you search for the “right one” in long-distance moving:

Is your moving company legally licensed?

It is always safe to check on the license of your mover to assure the legalities of your agreement. This is for your safety and to always be assured of legal rights in any case of loss or damage to your belongings. Always remember that a moving company that operates without a license is a form of violation in federal regulations. Asking for proof of your company’s proof of insurance should be gladly done by the company itself. If the company fails to give you a copy of their insurance, well… it’s time that you become suspicious and think twice before hiring them.

Is your mover experienced?

Quality of service always comes with experience. Always check if your mover has been running for years already to ensure the safety of your things being transported. An experienced long-distance moving company has faced more concerns than local ones. Therefore, they have the knowledge and expertise with all concerns they’ve had for years of being in the service. By having an experienced interstate mover, you are ensured of the quality of their service and with them being trustworthy, you can easily sleep at night with no worries about your belongings being lost or damaged.

Is your mover affordable?

It is always a challenge to look for a long-distance moving company that offers you great service at an affordable price.  Initially, the companies will give you quotes and it is our instinct to compare prices and, of course, we always choose the cheapest and most affordable one; after all, money doesn’t grow on trees. However, take note of some companies that offer you things that are too good to be true – it could be a moving fraud.

Does your mover offer you a detailed quote?

Apart from comparing prices, you should always cross-check the cost and check if their quote is as detailed as possible. This allows ensures that there are no additional and hidden charges. Some companies dictate their price quote verbally but don’t give you a copy. Read and closely investigate that everything is included in the price such as packing, service fee, and others.

Is your mover the best for YOU?

When you move, you always want the best moving company. However, you fail to realize that you should not be looking for the best company. You should look for the best mover for YOU! Not all movers are the same, of course. That is why you must get YOUR best mover by matching their services with your needs. The reputable moving company does everything it could to meet your needs. 

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