Preparing For The First Night in Your New Home After Moving

Preparing For The First Night in Your New Home After Moving

Moving day is one of the most stressful days of the moving process and preparing for the first night in your new home can make it all feel a lot easier to handle.

Generally speaking, moving house is filled with stress because you have to get last minute packing done before the moving truck arrives, you have to get the boxes ready to be loaded, then you pack your car with any remaining items and drive to your new home.

Sounds simple enough but if you have ever moved, you know that’s not the case.

Start by arranging your furniture

When you get to your home and unload all the boxes, it’s time to start arranging your furniture. Put the bed together and arrange the rest throughout the home. At this point, you’re probably tired and not happy about all the remaining boxes. All you want to do now is sleep and deal with unpacking everything else in the morning.

If you plan your move well, you would be able to do this. If you didn’t, you would have to dig through your boxes and suitcases. After all, you need to search for your pajamas, toothbrushes, shavers, soaps, shampoo, bed sheets, and pillows. You might also have to search for basic cleaning products if you want to clean up the bathroom and kitchen before you use them.

Have a first-night box

The smart plan is to keep these types of concerns in mind when you are packing your boxes, be conscious of the items you use at night before you go to bed, and all of your bed linens (pillows, sheets, blankets, etc.). It’s a good idea to pack them all into one or two boxes.

Shower curtains are also essential to pack in your first night box if you take a shower that first night in your new home as the old owners will more than likely have taken theirs with them.

Having a first night box like this just makes sense and takes so much stress and worry out of that first night in your new home.

It’s important to bring this box with you in your car when you move. Just in case you lose it in the shuffle. Put it in your bedroom when you first get into your home so you know where it is at all times. When you finish unpacking and setting up your new home, break open the box and get ready for bed!

In your first night box, pack some paper plates, napkins, plastic cups and silverware so you won’t have to wash any dishes after your first meal in your new home. You can also sneak in a bottle of wine or two to celebrate the purchase of your new home.

Wake up and smell the coffee

If you have a box packed for the first night in your new home, when you wake up the next morning, you will thank past you. You are now feeling energetic and ready to continue unpacking. Start setting up how you want everything to look!

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