How can you move cheap in Toronto?

How can you move cheap in Toronto?

What if we told you you can avoid turning your move into a headache? And yes, you can move cheaply in Toronto! Moving is usually stressful, tiring, and time-consuming. Regardless of whether your move is local or long-distance, there are some small details that can make the difference when it comes to costs. Here are a few tips on how to move cheaply in Toronto without compromising on quality.

Hire affordable movers

If you plan on moving by yourself, please give up on that idea. Hiring professional movers in Toronto will actually save you money, believe it or not. They will bring their own moving supplies, they will transfer everything safely to and from the moving truck, and they will save you time, as well. So let us assume we are on the same page with this. Now comes the real challenge. When hiring affordable movers in an attempt to move cheaply in Toronto, many people lower their standards. From our point of view, there should always be a minimum you don’t go below. Make sure your movers are reputable, have good reviews, and have transparent billing policies – meaning they don’t have hidden costs. Moreover, make sure the movers you hire are fully bonded. This way, should any unwanted incident occur during your move, you are covered.

Schedule properly

Moving house on a Sunday in September is not the same as moving house on a Wednesday in May. The date is also relevant, so if you want to move cheap in Toronto, plan wisely! If you have this option, choose working days and avoid rush hours. Avoid the first and last few days of the month, as well. This is an unwritten rule, but it really all goes down to request and demand. The best part is you don’t have to know any of these! Call your moving company (or more moving companies, if you haven’t found the best movers in Toronto yet) and ask them to help you move cheap in Toronto. Ask about the recommended days, dates, and hours, as well as about any special discounts they may offer. You can move cheap in Toronto only with affordable movers, so make sure you choose properly! And since you are on the phone with them, request your free estimate, as well!

Rent instead of buying

Moving supplies are usually not that expensive, but they can add up to a tiny hole in your pocket. So if you want to move cheap in Toronto, consider renting instead of buying! You can save some money on moving supplies by simply renting some of them from your movers! Moving bins can replace moving boxes, TV bags can replace TV boxes, and wardrobe boxes can replace classic boxes. Many moving companies in Toronto, including Let’s Get Moving, have their own supply stores. So instead of rushing into buying dozens of moving boxes and other supplies, consider this option! It is also more sustainable and will not take long, either. Another option is to reuse moving supplies you have at home if any. Just make sure the boxes are still good and have been kept safe from the humidity!

While Toronto is a relatively expensive place to live in and we agree that everything is expensive here, you can still move cheap in Toronto. We hope our tips helped you get some new ideas on choices you can make that will lead you closer to a cheap move. If you want some of the best affordable movers in Toronto, Let’s Get Moving is definitely an option. Call us today and enjoy your professional and cheap move to Toronto!

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