How Relevant Are Awards to Choose Movers in Toronto?

How Relevant Are Awards to Choose Movers in Toronto?

While in the search for the best movers, you might stumble into website sections where moving companies showcase their awards. But have you ever wondered whether or not these awards are relevant? What do they tell you about the professionalism of movers in Toronto Ontario? About their services, their procedures, their attitudes? And how are they awarded, after all? We will start by saying that awards are a great honor for all moving companies, and they are also an indicator that you are choosing right. Together with reviews, the lists of awards tell you whether we are worth the money. Here is a little something about the relevance of awards in this industry.

Who gives the awards?

First of all, you should see who is are the providers of the titles movers in Toronto Ontario brag about. If we talk about small business associations or property managers, they might not be so relevant to the portfolio. But if they come from bigger corporations and associations, you might want to give them a bit of credit. For starters, the Canadian Association of Movers is probably the most relevant entity when talking about the moving industry. So when they endorse someone, you should be confident that those movers in Toronto Ontario are the real deal. Aside from the CAM, you can also rely on awards given by Yelp and Homestars. After all, these are two of the most popular platforms people go to when they search for professional movers in Toronto Ontario. Consumer Choice Award and Top Choice Award are also two honorary distinctions, so check to see if your movers received them.

When are they relevant?

First of all, check and see if the award is something constant or if it was just a one-time event. But if your movers in Toronto received the Best Rated Moving Companies Award every year from 2016 to 2021, for example, and they also received the Yelp Mover of the Year Award six years in a row, you might have a keeper right there. Look for consistency, whenever possible. The longer the list, the better. Not that we would be looking for numbers or sizes, but this time it is a good indicator. No worries if the movers skipped a year of getting awarded, but it is a good sign if they keep receiving the same awards over and over. It means you have some very good professionals right there, don’t miss them!

What else to look for?


No question about that. You can find the best movers by reviews – may be even easier than you can find them by checking the awards given over the past few years.  All reputable movers in Toronto have their accounts on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Homestars, etc. You can go to those platforms and see what other customers shared about their experience. There are also ratings available – and please make proper use of them. There is a lot to read and learn by reading online reviews. And this is a great option if you don’t use referrals. If the reviews and the awards build a proper bigger picture, you just found yourself the movers, and beyond.

Once you find them, give them a call to get an estimate and ask for more information! If you discovered the awards we’ve received over the years and the amazing reviews we got, get in touch with us today! At Let’s Get Moving, we love exceeding the expectations of customers, as high as they might be! Call us today!

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