How to Pack Properly For Your Move

How to Pack Properly For Your Move

Packing might just be one of the most stress-inducing to-do items when you move. However, there are some small details that make a big difference and that can really make your life easier. Here is how to pack for your move, in three simple steps.

Use boxes as much as possible

There is no way of stressing this enough: use boxes for your move. However on-hand the plastic bags and carrier bags are, using them for your move is not such a good idea. Yes, you can pack perfectly, but still, there are high chances of them breaking and thus having your belongings destroyed. Also, nothing stows better than cardboard boxes.

No boxes at home? No worries. You can find as many as you want at stores nearby! Remember to also get tape and bubble wrap. And markers for the labelling. You will thank yourself later.

Remember the physics classes from primary school

Gravity and centre of mass are working in your favour, remember this. When stowing your belongings in the boxes, put the heavier items down and the lighter ones above. Make sure the items in the boxes are properly balanced, so there would be no bad surprises when lifting them and they are considerably heavier on one side.

Avoid putting fine porcelain in the same box as dumbbells and avoid any weird mixes in the boxes. When you unpack, it will be easier if all the arrangements make sense.

Use all space available

Should there be any space left between items in a box, try filling it up. Not only you will save more boxes (and truck space, implicitly), but you will also create some physical tension that will keep items safe. A single small vase in a super large box, in a trunk driven all around by movers in Toronto, doesn’t sound too safe, does it?

Make sure there is not too much tension in there, or else you will risk breaking your objects. If you are out of bubble wrap, you can even use pieces of clothing to wrap your fragile items in, as long as you remember to stack them properly in the boxes afterwards.

If, at any point, the process becomes overwhelming, remember our packing services are one phone call away from you. We know how to pack properly for a move and can help you with everything in no time!

Let’s Get Moving is here for you, 24/7! Get in touch with us now and get a free estimate for your move! 

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