Homeowner’s Guide: Moving Outside Toronto?

Homeowner’s Guide: Moving Outside Toronto?

We will speak from our point of view here, but we are sure all of the best Toronto movers can confirm this. As the streets are getting more crowded and the costs of living are growing, more and more people consider moving outside Toronto. Smaller, cozier, more affordable cities and suburban areas became extremely popular over the past years. And people rarely regret these decisions. Here are the most popular relocation destinations, from our perspective as some of the best movers in Toronto.

North York

Here, diversity and inclusion are at their best. The city is one of the most important suburbs of Toronto, and it doesn’t disappoint. There is good infrastructure, the schools are state-of-the-art, there are lots of employment opportunities, and the housing landscape is diverse. The city of North York has a lot to offer and it is constantly growing. More and more people hire the best movers in Toronto to take them to North York, and they rarely come back.


If you are into smaller places that bring a stronger sense of community, this is for you. Only half an hour drive from Toronto, Oakville awaits you with beautiful landscapes and a small-town feeling. While there are lots of opportunities here, you can also choose to commute to Toronto on a daily basis. The traffic is manageable – and you will see this from the moment the best movers in Toronto take your belongings to Oakville. And from there on, it is all rainbows and butterflies.


How about a place that boasts all of the benefits of living in Toronto, but without the hellish traffic and the bustle? This is what Guelph brings you. If you wish to escape Toronto, call the best movers in Toronto today and ask to book a move to Guelph! The house prices here are significantly lower than in the big city, while there is no compromise when it comes to the quality of life. Paying less for the same? Yes, please!


Half an hour from Toronto is the beautiful city of Vaughan. With sparkling cleanliness, reliable public transport, and modern healthcare, this place is amazing for people of all ages. Schools are good, also, and there are many employment opportunities. However, if you would like to keep going to school or work in Toronto, you can do that easily. A slightly less hectic environment will wait for you at home, in Vaughan. How well does this sound? Get in touch with the best movers in Toronto to schedule your move right away!


If you want to enjoy everything Toronto has to offer, but change the air, consider Mississauga. The second-largest city in the GTA and the largest suburban area of Toronto, that is. The place has really good infrastructure and services, and it doesn’t stop developing. However, being pretty much Toronto all over again, the place is quite expensive. From rent to services, expect to pay a lot. If you ask us, though, the money is worth it.

There is a lot to consider when deciding to move outside of Toronto. We only brought a few ideas that might serve you as a starting point. Hope they help. If you wish to talk more or if the decision to move is already made, contact us today! We are among the best movers in Toronto and we would like to meet and help you move.

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