Thinking of moving to Bolton?

Thinking of moving to Bolton?

Around 50 kilometers Northwest of Toronto, you can find the largest urban center in Caledon: Bolton. Have you been thinking of moving to Bolton? Keep reading to find out why this would be a good idea!

Small, quiet, yet quite active, the town will for sure not let you get bored easily. The Humber River served as a starting point for the place that was once named Bolton Mills. Having the downtown and some of the rest of its territory in a valley, the town is extended on both sides of the river, to the North and to the South.

All peace and quiet

The town was founded after the building of a flour mill within the Bolton family, at the beginning of the nineteenth century. From a population of approximately 700 in 1857, the town slowly grew to have almost 30,000 inhabitants nowadays. Currently, it is considered to be one of Toronto’s bedroom towns.

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As quiet as it might seem, Bolton offers quite a few things to do. Of course, you should not consider moving there unless you are into small towns and cozy atmospheres of neighbourly friendship. If you are nostalgic for the good old countryside lifestyle, that is a bonus. Farmers’ Markets are organized weekly, on Sundays, there is an annual Fall Fair and an annual Truck and Tractor Pull. Add to these the occasional local events: good music, good food, sidewalk sales, flea markets, and many more, and you will never see boredom installing. You should really be thinking of moving to Bolton.

So, why are you still here waiting? ? Contact right now a real estate agent and have them start looking for a new place for you in Bolton! You shouldn’t worry about packing anything, since moving companies will help with that in no time.

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