Thinking of moving to Oakville?

Thinking of moving to Oakville?

With a population of around 200,000, Oakville is the largest town in Ontario. It’s excellent positioning between Toronto and Hamilton, plus its rapid development, make it an ideal town to move to. Thinking of moving to Oakville anytime soon?

Oakville is situated in the Greater Toronto Area and very close to Toronto. However, even though it is part of a such densely populated area and it is close to the big city, it is far from having a similar spirit. Au contraire. Oakville is a very peaceful and relaxed town, with plenty of places for you to relax in during your free time.

Affordable houses

The prices of the real estates in Oakville are very affordable. This is a very important issue to consider while thinking of moving to Oakville. And so is the fact that it has most of the benefits of a larger city. It has a lot of job offers and business opportunities for all skills and levels of experience, should you decide to look for a job here. Otherwise, you can always commute daily to Toronto for your job.

Oakville professional movers

The school and health systems are very modern. So, if you plan to move to Oakville together with a partner or your family, you can cut these worries off of your list. You get good schools to choose from for your kids, both primary and secondary, and they can even continue with post-secondary education in town, at prestigious institutions.

Fun activities at all corners

As for your free time, this town will never let you get bored! Museums, cultural and social events, art galleries, gardens and parks, shopping malls, you name it! Everything is here. The town also has an exit to Ontario Lake, with great views and even greater activities. One more fun fact: Oakville is ranked #1 in the top of cities with the best weather in Canada. This is just in case you needed good reasons for moving. ?

Oakville is waiting for you. And so is Canada’s favourite movers offer of a free estimate. Book with us for an affordable and hassle-free move to Oakville!

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