Thinking of moving to Oshawa?

Thinking of moving to Oshawa?

On the shoreline of Lake Ontario, about 60 kilometres from Downtown Toronto, you can find Oshawa, considered the Eastern anchor of the Greater Toronto Area. With a population of around 166,000, it is a great place to consider living in. In case you have been thinking of moving to Oshawa, we have some recommendations and tips.

Oshawa is renowned for its beautiful cityscape and for the welcoming nature of its inhabitants. The streets and neighbourhoods are safe, the people are kind and always willing to help each other. Although Canada in general is friendly, this city takes friendliness to a whole different level. Pretty much anyone next door is willing to help if you just knock on their door with a request. And since these go hand in hand, the criminality rate is as low as it gets.

Although it has over 160,000 inhabitants, the city is still very peaceful. Besides, nature has been so generous to Oshawa, it will feel like it hid all its gems here. Parks gardens and wildlife areas will delight your eyes and help you keep a good mood all year long. Take time to walk, jog, meditate or enjoy nature as you prefer! There are lots of places in nature where you can escape and forget about city life for a couple of hours or so.

Oshawa has seen more than 6000 people move into the city and if you are moving from Toronto to Oshawa then hiring Toronto Movers is a good alternative. 

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Where do all these people study before going into work labour, you ask? Week, Oshawa is home to many prestigious universities. And, of course, the public and private primary, secondary and post-secondary schools also offer high-quality education.

Do all these sound too good to be true? Well, it is not. You should really be thinking of moving to Oshawa.

Don’t keep Oshawa waiting for you! Book a move with a professional company and pack everything, because Oshawa has incredible things to offer you! No time for packing and no place for storing everything? Don’t worry. Let’s Get Moving offers you packing services and climate-controlled secured storage. Contact us for more information!

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