Thinking of moving to Richmond Hill?

Thinking of moving to Richmond Hill?

Richmond Hill is a city located in the Greater Toronto Area, in the South-Central part of the York region. It is the third most populous city in York, having more than 206,000 inhabitants. Are you thinking of moving, anytime soon, to Richmond Hill?

With a multicultural population speaking a total of 126 languages, Richmond Hill is also proud to have one of the most educated workforce in the entire York region. Over half of the city’s population has a university degree, while over 77% has completed post-secondary education. These numbers are quite impressive! And with such educated workforce, no wonder more and more companies are investing here!

Canada’s top technology cluster

According to the municipality, over 4,800 businesses have so far created 73,000 jobs in Richmond Hill. The city is nowadays the largest technology cluster in Canada, focusing on the sectors of professional, scientific and technical services, health industry, finance and insurance, and information and cultural industries. Opening a business is quite easy in Richmond Hill, since the taxes are rather low and the municipality offers all its support.

Richmond Hill park

High quality education

The city offers very good education, having 40 public elementary schools and 7 public secondary schools, as well as a few private institutions. There are also a few post-secondary education institutions in the city to choose from. The students here score higher than the average on some of the national tests. Either there is something in the water or there is some magic going on, but somehow this place really has a lot of smart people!

With a rich social-cultural life, this city will not let you get bored! There is always some place to see and some event to attend, and this goes for citizens of all ages! Check out all the opportunities, because you should really be thinking of moving to Richmond Hill. If you need professional movers, Let’s Get Moving is here for you, with affordable hourly rates and impeccable services. Get in touch with us!


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