5 Things to Do in Ajax

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Toronto is for sure a great city with plenty of amazing places to visit. But if you want to explore the hidden, not-so-touristic corners of the region, leave the city and move a bit East, to Ajax by the Lake, for some breathtaking scenery. So here go the top 5 things to do in Ajax.

Spend a relaxing afternoon in Rotary Park

On the shore of Lake Ontario, among fresh-green grass and deep-blue waters, you can forget all about the big city life and move your attention to nature and the blessing it brings. Perfect for a day out with the kids or your significant other, Rotary Park offers you an oasis to help you move your thoughts away from the daily chores and worries.

Take a bike ride to Waterfront Park

Once in the park, keep riding, start jogging, or simply take a long walk and enjoy the fresh air with a view. Geometric decorations around the park will offer you great photo spots and your Instagram will be grateful for this! The large open spaces are perfect for a quick badminton game or just for lying on the grass and staring at the sky.

Ajax moving company

Pay a tribute to the Veterans’ Point Gardens

The memorial itself pays tribute to the naval battle after which the city and most of its streets are named. Walk down the alleys and enjoy the silence… and the goosebumps you get while thinking of our history and the brave men who contributed to it.

Have a picnic in the Greenwood Conservation Area

Enjoy the natural designs and seasonal colour palettes at Greenwood. Walk your pet, play, stroll among the gigantic trees, and enjoy the best of what nature can offer you. The place is so amazing, you will want to move there!

Try your luck at Casino Ajax

Feeling lucky? Try to see if the odds are in your favour. Great gaming featuring hundreds of high-end slot machines and electronic, state-of-the-art table games. If you are not a fan of these activities, you can still go by for a short while and check them off your bucket list. It might be worth it.

Ajax is not necessarily one of the touristic places, although it sure does have its magic. However, it is a good choice of a place to live in, given that it is close to Toronto and also family-friendly. And there are way more things to do in Ajax than the 5 on our list. Why not move to Ajax with Ajax Movers?

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