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Speciality Moving

Moving a piano or fragile items safely, from one location to another is not a DIY task. This is where our professional relocation services help you easily move any valuable possession, bulky furniture, or delicate piece of art. Our speciality moving services cater to the unique requirements of moving your belongings with utmost care and precision.

If you have any special item that particularly worries you, count on our professional movers. Whether moving to a different room or a new place across Canada, our skilled movers always ensure safe and smooth specialty moves.

Our Specialized Moving Services

Piano moving

Pianos are delicate to handle and so it requires careful planning. However, we can help you with handling pianos of different types and sizes. We have specialized equipment and techniques to safely load, transport and unload the piano at its destination.

Furniture moving

Do you need help with rearranging furniture and home staging? Let our professionally trained team move it more quickly and efficiently. Our movers know how to turn and twist furniture and other large items through narrow hallways and doors.

Furniture moving

Do you need help with rearranging furniture and home staging? Let our professionally trained team move it more quickly and efficiently. Our movers know how to turn and twist furniture and other large items through narrow hallways and doors.

Senior Moving

Our movers take time to understand the requirements of seniors so that they can come up with a specific plan to provide complete moving assistance. Our full-service movers assist seniors in all aspects of the move transition.

Appliance Moving

We have specialized equipment designed to handle delicate and heavy appliances. By utilizing adequate techniques, we will perfectly load your appliances onto the moving truck and ensure they are secure during transit.

Disassembly and Assembly

In some cases, items may need to be partially or fully disassembled before moving, especially if the equipment needs to be navigated through tight spaces or stairs. We have the expertise to safely disassemble and reassemble items, ensuring that they are properly tuned and functioning after the move.

How does the Special Item Moving Process Work?


Contact the Let’s Get Moving team for a consultation and discuss your special item, its specifications, and your preferences.


Our customer support team will create a personalized moving plan, including packaging, handling, and transportation.

Professional Packaging

By using specialized materials and techniques, our movers will pack your item securely, ensuring no risk or damage.


We”ll transport your items using our secure methods, ensuring their safety throughout the journey.

Our Movers Go the Extra Mile for Our Customers

Customized Solutions

We understand that each item has its own set of requirements. Our team will work closely with you to create a customized moving plan that takes into account the specific needs of your special items. Whether it’s climate control, cushioning, or custom packaging, we have you covered.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We utilize cutting-edge equipment and materials to ensure the safety of your items during transit. Our specialized packaging materials and secure transportation methods provide the highest level of protection.

Expertise and Experience

Our team of professional movers has years of experience in handling specialized items. From fragile sculptures to priceless paintings, we have the expertise to ensure your valuable possessions are treated with the care they deserve.

Perfect Planning

Our team plans every detail of your special item’s journey, from pickup to delivery. We optimize routes, schedules, and handling procedures to ensure your item arrives on time and in pristine condition.

Book Your Specialty Move Now!

Don’t entrust your special valuable items to just anyone. Let our professional team make it a seamless and secure transportation experience for you. Contact us today for a consultation and discover how our movers can help you move your priceless possessions with care.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a specialty move?

It is a special item moving that includes safely taking away unique and delicate items of different shapes and sizes. We understand relocating such items requires care and attention and we have experience in handling these items to ensure safe and secure transport.

How will you move my stuff to another place?

To relocate your special items, we’ll carefully load, secure and transport your items to your new location. Just let us know your specific needs and concerns, and we will make the necessary arrangements to ensure a smooth relocation.

Do you move pianos and heavy furniture?

Yes, our special items moving services include relocating pianos of any size. We have the right equipment to securely transport heavy and delicate items like pianos.

Will you disassemble and assemble my furniture?

Yes, we will take off the furniture legs and will disassemble/assemble a wide range of furniture items including beds, tables, sofas, chairs, wardrobes, desks, cabinets, dressers, bookshelves and other kinds of outdoor furniture.

What items will you not move?

At Let’s Get Moving, we will not move flammable and combustible items, valuables, or any of your personal items such as firearms or medications. For the rest of everything, we have a professional team to move everything you have, including pianos, fitness equipment and even pets.

Do you provide packing services?

Yes, Let’s Get Moving has you covered for packing your items using quality packing tools and supplies, including cardboard boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape and other essential materials.

Is there a size or weight limit for the furniture you can handle?

The Let’s Get Moving team can handle furniture of various sizes and weights. If you have exceptionally large or heavy furniture, please inform us in advance so that we can make appropriate arrangements.

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