5 Things to Do in Bolton

Moving to Downtown Bolton

Small town, indeed! Some even call it a village, but don’t let yourself be discouraged by this name! You can always find fun things to do, even in the smallest communities. Here you have a sketched list of 5 things to do while in Bolton.

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Taste the local goodies from the Farmers’ Market

Make sure you get to spend a Sunday in Bolton because that is when the Farmers’ Market takes place. Local producers will bring you the best food they have, with a certainty that it is 100% organic, eco, bio, and incredibly tasty. Just make sure to bring enough bags for all the goodies that you will want to buy!

Go thrift-shopping at the ReUstore

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure? You bet it is! But we are not talking about trash here. Pay a visit to the thrift store and you will find there home decorations, household items, repair tools, and many more. And if you want to get rid of some old things you are not using anymore, ReUstore has a drop-off point for that.

Watch a movie at the Landmark

And what an inspired name that is! For a small-town cinema, the Landmark sure has a lot to surprise you with! Large parking lot, sparkling cleanliness, attentive staff, comfy leaning chairs, loads of snacks to choose from, and, of course, good movies. Whenever there is time, go enjoy a movie there!

Relax at the spa and salt cave

Whether you are doing it for relaxation or for therapeutic purposes, visit one of the many spa centers or go to the salt cave. It is incredible how such a small town like Bolton has so many wellness centers! Enjoy them all and find your favourite!

Take a walking tour

So much history around you in Bolton, it would be a pity not to hear about it! Go back in time and learn about the old buildings and their fascinating stories! The official website of Caledon offers free self-guided walking tour brochures that you can access from your mobile phone, at any time. If you are looking to move from a big city like Toronto then look for an affordable moving company in Toronto for stress-free relocation.

The small town of Bolton is not one of the most touristic places out there, but it is a lovely place nonetheless. And there are absolutely way more than 5 things to do here in Bolton. You can easily avoid boredom there, having plenty of activities to choose from. If you decide to move someplace really close to Toronto, but at the same time in a cheaper and rather quiet area, you should have this place on top of your list. ? So hire movers in Bolton.

So while you think about it, you can learn more about the costs and conditions of moving with us to Bolton! 

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