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Don’t be fooled by the reduced size and population of this place! Open you eyes and move your attention to everything around you, because this place sure does offer a lot! And make sure to control your breath, for the views here will take it away. Here is a hierarchy of 5 things to do in Caledon.

Visit the Badlands

The Cheltenham Badlands are probably one of the most impressive and original places you will see here. The dark orange terracotta hills look as if fairytales moved their props in nature. And your Instagram is just eager to have you post pictures of this place!

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Taste the local goodies

There is a cidery, a farm market, several orchards, and so many amazing restaurants! Once you discover all the goodies this place has to offer, you will not stop moving from one place to another to enjoy them all! The best part of it is that everything is clean and organic, just like nature intended them.

Have a picnic at the Albion

The Albion Hills have great trails and amazing scenery. Take your camera and a picnic basket, grab your loved ones by the hand, and enjoy an afternoon there. You can even stay by the water, for extra photogenic touch. And if you are quiet enough, the birds and animals will show themselves to you and maybe even get close.

Pet all the fluffs

If you like animals, then the Alabaster Acres are for you! The farm has all the cute animals you can imagine, and you can pet them and play with them. Besides, they offer workshops and farm stays, and livestock experiences for people of all ages. Enjoy the farm life and get endorphins from all those pets!

Hop on a military plane

Learn about our history at the Great War Flying Museum! Aside from the exhibits, you can even hop on a plane and take a ride over the town. If you are into planes, you will love this. If you are not into planes, you will also love them. The staff is also very friendly and shares well-documented information, so you will want to come back with more questions.

Small and cozy, Caledon is a great place to live in, combining the urban and rural. And there are more than these 5 things enlisted here for you to do in Caledon. Whether you have a family or you are alone, moving to Caledon is one of the smart decisions of your life!? You will combine the best of both worlds and never get bored. You have a free estimate prepared from Toronto Movers when you make up your mind.

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