5 things to do in East Gwillimbury

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You would think there are not many things to do in a town like East Gwillimbury, with a population of 24,000. Think again, because this place sure has a lot to offer, whether you move here or are just visiting. Here you have a top 5 list of things to do in East Gwillimbury.

Go splash people at the aqua park

Ok, preferably do not splash random people, but rather those you go there with. The aqua park is a great place to spend your free time. The inflatables are not like the ones you usually see. Move around and try them all! Have we mentioned the entrance fee is cheap?

Get a history lesson at the Sharon Temple

The architecture and history of the Sharon Temple in Easy Gwillimbury are amazing. Add to this some very beautiful grounds and you got yourself the perfect afternoon. The staff is willing to help you with any information you need, so get there and learn some good history!

Visit the farms

With plenty of farms open for visiting, Easy Gwillimbury gets you connected to the farm life! The good part is they each have their attractions! See how they make maple syrup, go ziplining, take a train ride, pick your pumpkin… the options are infinite! You might move to the idea that having a farm would be a good option for you, as well.

See a movie the old-fashioned way

You may have only seen this in movies and felt some nostalgia, but now is the time to live it. Go to the drive-in cinema with your significant other and watch a movie like they used to back in the day! Move your car until you find a good spot, adjust your chair, grab some popcorn, and be quiet, the movie is about to start!

Play golf

This is the Disneyland of golf fans. If you like playing golf or you would just wish to try this sport, this is the place for it. East Gwillimbury has a lot of golf clubs and fields just waiting for you to discover them. Move from one whole to another in the best-looking environments you could imagine.

East Gwillimbury is a great place to live in, given the relaxed yet active lifestyle it provides. There are more than 5 things to do in East Gwillimbury! Whether you have a family or you go there alone, moving to East Gwillimbury is a decision you will not regret taking! We can get you a free estimate in no time and there are no strings attached to it. But booking an appointment with our Toronto moving company is sure a great decision. Hop on, Let’s Get Moving to East Gwillimbury!

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