5 things to do in Guelph

5 things to do in Guelph

Two or three days will not be enough for checking off the bucket list everything Guelph has to offer. But if you are moving here, you will have a much longer time for this. Let’s Get Moving, also known as Canada’s favourite movers, prepared this list of 5 things to do in Guelph.

Visit the Church of Our Lady Immaculate

One of the absolute landmarks of Guelph, the Church of Our Lady Immaculate is a must-see. With stunning gothic architecture and colourful stained-glass windows, the church is beautiful and full of history. Visit it even if you are not the religious type. If you are staying for the service, get ready for some goosebumps.

Basilica Of Our Lady Immaculate in Guelph

Enjoy nature in the Riverside

The Riverside Park offers you many things to enjoy: tall trees, animals and birds, playgrounds, a carousel, a flower clock. And, of course, a river. And occasional events. Take your camera with you, there are many things to photograph in the Riverside Park!

Check out the donkeys

Guelph has a donkey sanctuary. And that place is worth visiting! They have around 70 donkeys of all ages and colours and sizes and whatnot. You can pet them, feed them, play with them or just watch them and feel the level of your endorphins growing.

Taste the local food

You can either taste the local food in some of the restaurants… or you can go to the farmers’ market and buy all ingredients raw! Enjoy the best food products in Guelph, in a large variety and at affordable prices.

Enjoy a show at the River Run

Ah, how beautifully this sounds like a Game of Thrones land! The River Run is a performance venue where they organise concerts, ballets, operas and many other shows. All on a regular basis and for various types of audiences. Don’t miss the chance to see a great show!

Guelph is one of the cities that offer the best quality of life in Canada. Keep this in mind. And you can bet there are definitely way more than these 5 things we presented here to do in Guelph. Moving to Guelph implies reliable movers, and we just so happen to know some guys. 😉 There is a free estimate waiting on our website for you, so visit us now!

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