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Being a medium-sized city, Hamilton has lots to offer to its over 500,000 inhabitants. Nature has been kind to it, but people of Hamilton have contributed significantly to the magic with the businesses they created. Having many things to do in Hamilton, we made a top 5 list.

Enjoy the waterfalls

What do you mean, ”which waterfalls”? Any of them. ALL of them! Hamilton is this great cluster of falls of all kinds and sizes. Wherever you find yourself in the city, there is a waterfall around you. Find them all and enjoy the views, it is worth it!

Visit the Dundurm Castle

This forty-room museum/villa on the cliffs of Hamilton Bay has a lot of colonial history to tell! Way back when the Dundrum Castle was a British military encampment. The guided tour will offer you a great history lesson and the furnishing and decorations will take you back to the old days. Don’t miss this!

Take the trails in the Fifty Point Conservation Area

One of the best places to spend a relaxing afternoon in Hamilton, alone or with the family, is definitely the Fifty Point Conservation Area. The park is clean and safe, nature surrounds you everywhere, there are picnic areas and you can even dip in Lake Ontario! Small tip: take the walking trails, it is worth it.

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Enjoy some local art at the Carnegie

The Carnegie Gallery offers samples of art created from the most diverse media: glass, oils, wood, acrylics, ceramics, metal, etc. Delight your senses with these creative productions and let your imagination flow! If you feel like anything there would fit your living room, you can buy them and take them home. The artists will surely be grateful.

Experience the Westfield Village

With a collection of 35 historical houses and buildings, the Westfield Heritage Village is one of the must-sees in Hamilton. The place captures the spirit of the archaic Canadian communities and there are even re-enactments there, for you to enjoy! The place has 130 hectares, so be ready for a bit of walking and make sure not to miss anything.

Hamilton is one of the most appreciated cities in Canada. This list of 5 things does not cover a quarter of what there is to do in Hamilton, of course! Especially – but not only – if you are a young and creative spirit, moving to Hamilton is a decision you will not regret taking? Contact Toronto Movers right away to book a move to Hamilton!

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