5 things to do in Kleinburg

Move to the Village Of Kleinburg

Don’t let the reduced dimensions and the name fool you! Kleinburg might be small, but it offers many good options for spending your free time. Here are 5 things to do in Kleinburg.

Check out the McMichael Canadian Art Collection

An impressive collection of classic and contemporary visual arts, this place is a collection of art and shops, 2 in 1. You can visit it as a museum, if you want, or you can go there to shop for your next bedroom painting or front yard decoration. From large totems to small graphics, the Art Collection has everything.

Take a walk around town

The actual town of Kleinburg has less than 300 houses. So coming here will be quite an experience, especially if you are used to big cities. Take your time to walk on its narrow streets and enjoy the welcoming atmosphere. Meet with the locals, enjoy a coffee, take some nice pictures around a come again! Or take the better option and move to Kleinburg for good.

Before You Decide To Move To Kleinburg

Play golf

When the weather is on your side, head to the Copper Creek Gold Club and play a few holes. The place can host up to 500 people at a time, so there is a lot of space there for you to enjoy. Catch the golden hour and the sunset here and you will have a nice story to tell and some cool pictures to show.

Enjoy the spa

Living in a small community does not mean you should neglect yourself! Au contraire. You should have less stressful activities to fulfill and therefore more time to indulge yourself. Kleinburg Wellness is ready to welcome you with all kinds of relaxing treatments and procedures.

Go to church

Being religious is rather irrelevant here, mostly if you are not planning on attending the service. But St. Padre Pio Church is a very cozy and nice place to visit if you are in town, so don’t miss it. It is also one of the few points of interest located in the actual village.

Kleinburg is a really small community that will maybe not offer you the most entertaining activities ever, but your life there will be as relaxing as it gets?

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