5 things to do in Scarborough

Scarborough harbour

Not as small as the jokes say it is, Scarborough is an active and dynamic place, continuously growing, that offers plenty of leisure time activities for people of all ages. If you have some time to spend in Scarborough, here are 5 fun things you can do there.

Visit the Scarborough Museum

Learn about the history of the place and of the people! The museum has a lot of historical buildings and they also frequently organize shows and exhibitions here. Make sure to book a guide and get ready to be amazed by this place’s rich and interesting history!

Enjoy an afternoon at the beach

The two beaches in Scarborough are clean are pretty much family-oriented. The sand is soft, the water deepens very smoothly, and the tides are small. Besides, there are some cafes and restaurants right near it, so you can have a snack or a drink with the best view in town.

Go to the Bluffs

The Scarborough Bluffs are the informal landmark of this place. There are nine parks around the bluffs, and wherever in this area you go on a sunny day, the view is incredible. The water is turquoise, the trees and grass are fresh green, and the hikes you can take there will be memorable. Be careful where you step, because this place has some areas that are a bit dangerous. Better follow what the signs say.

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Take a deep breath

Nature unravels in a very majestic way here in Scarborough. Enjoy the parks and green areas – quite a lot to enjoy, huh? – and engage in outdoor activities as often as possible! Your mind and body will thank you for this.

Visit the Toronto Zoo

This is definitely a place you want to visit. No, you don’t? Just wait. It is the third largest zoo in the world, with over 5000 animals from 450 different species. You will probably need a whole day to visit this place, but you will love it. The animals are very well taken care of and have plenty of space.

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