How Much Should You Tip Movers?

Let's Get Moving September Blog How Much To Tip Movers

The moments after a move are special. As the dust settles, it is common to feel relieved and excited as you look forward to your new life in a new location. But one common question that recent move-ins have is how much to tip the movers. 

In Toronto, it is common to tip workers who are performing a service. Since contracting moving assistance is a service, it is kosher to tip them. Tipping at a restaurant or bar is straightforward, but tipping your moving help can leave many confused. As an experienced and authoritative moving company, Let’s Get Moving can clear any questions regarding moving best practices, including how much to tip movers. 

Should You Tip Movers? 

Put simply, moving is a hassle. Movers, including our Toronto movers that our award-winning moving and storage company employs, must carry heavy furniture and tools while also carefully making sure that your belongings do not get damaged. Movers deserve to be tipped because they work diligently to ensure that your possessions arrive at your new location both fully functional and in pristine condition. Much like a waiter who works around the clock to ensure that your experience is positive, movers want to make sure that your transition to your new location is seamless. So, just like any other place where you would leave a tip for exceptional service, movers deserve to be tipped for their services as well. Our full-service movers are committed to providing the best relocation experience for you.

How Much Do You Tip Movers?

There are many factors to consider when one considers how much to tip movers. Customary tips for movers are directly related to how difficult a move is. The factors that make a move difficult are: how organized your belongings are, the weather conditions during your move, how long the movers worked, and even if the movers packed your items for you. For example, an office that wants to count on our movers will either have their desks already disassembled and organized into boxes, or they can leave that up to our moving and storage experts

The amount of effort that movers put into the move will directly correlate to the amount that they expect to be tipped. This also includes whether they had to use stairs or an elevator. In general, each mover should be tipped about four to five dollars for every hour they spend completing your move. 

How much should I tip movers? Do moving companies offer office relocation? These are questions that Let’s Get Moving is happy to answer. Along with answering pertinent questions related to moving, we help prospective movers in many different ways through our collection of moving services. Let’s Get Moving offers a plethora of different moving services. These include Toronto moving help, residential moving help, and much more. Contact or call (647) 371-5909 for our expert moving and storage company today to learn more.

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