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Mattresses might seem to be some of the easiest items to move. You just put them in the truck and then unload them, once the crew of movers arrives at your new home, right? But do you really want to lay your head down on a mattress that has touched trucks, floors, hands, and even dusty surfaces? Your mattress is important and precious, so keep it safe with a mattress protection bag!

When you prepare for your moving day, you usually focus on properly protecting your TV and other electronics, your porcelain dinnerware, and the paintings hanging on the wall. The less sensitive items go in regular boxes or directly in the truck, depending on their size. When it comes to bigger items, such as mattresses, people often forget to pay attention to them. Basically, what you do is you just take it off your bed, carry it to the truck, and then unload it and place it on the bed in your new home.

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While items such as a large-screen TV or an expensive painting can easily be damaged and become useless unless properly protected while being handled, mattresses can also be damaged. Although not that easy, they are definitely still usable if you drop them on the floor. While handling your mattresses during the move, they can get germs, insects, and virus dust all over them. The bad part is you will not even see most of these since they are microorganisms. And given the fact that they are very large and have their exterior layer made of thick fabric, cleaning them will not be so fun or easy. You will probably not be able to do it yourself, either. This means extra money is spared for professional mattress cleaning services.

This whole thing wouldn’t be such an issue if you weren’t sleeping on them. And while you do cover your mattress with a bedsheet before sleeping on it, that thin layer of cotton will not be a strong enough barrier between you and whatever the mattress got on it during the transport. Think of it like this: would you handle movers your pajamas, without putting them in a bag or a box, to transport them from your old home to your new home, on the floor of the truck? And after this, would you put those pajamas directly on and get into bed? Probably not. So be wise and don’t do this with your mattress, either.

A good night’s sleep starts with a good, clean mattress

Without being a maniac about cleaning everything 20 times a day, there are some basic hygiene rules that all of us respect. You do want the mattress you lay your head on at night to be free of dust, germs, virus dust, insects, or any other thing like that. After a long and tiring day of work, the last thing you want is to worry about the cleanliness of your mattress. During your move and whenever you need to store them, protect your mattresses properly with specially designed mattress bags!

Professional moving companies in Toronto such as Let’s Get Moving care a lot about their customers’ satisfaction. We want to make sure you are happy and pleased with our services and with how your move went. Customer satisfaction is a significant part of our high-quality services. But one more thing we really want is to know that you are safe and healthy after moving with us. We would be really sad to hear that you got sick after sleeping on a mattress that got dirt or germs on it during the move. It doesn’t even matter why and how that happened, as long as it does happen. And trust us when we say that dirt and germs are inevitable, although we work very cleanly and safely! But these germs and dirt would never happen to a mattress that is protected with a special bag!

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Our recommendation

We always recommend our customers to buy these mattress bags. They are really cheap and you get to keep them and use them for your future moves, as well. They are of very good quality, so you can just buy them once and reuse them countlessly. Let’s Get Moving sells the safest, thickest mattress bags on the market, for the optimal protection of mattresses during handling and transportation.

There could be a tiny spider that would easily tangle its legs into the fabric. There could be some rusty nail coming out of a piece of furniture and clinging into your mattress. Or there could be a shallow puddle of water or mud out front that the mattress could be accidentally dropped in. Anyway, none of these are worries you should have anymore. You can safely put your mattress in the bag, protected against all these potential damages. Needless to say, this option is also safer than wrapping your mattress in some plastic food wrap, by yourself, in the house. That could go wrong so easily and on so many levels!

Once the move is completed and you finish unpacking your things and putting each of them in their own place, you can fold the mattress bags and store them in your garage or in any cabinet or closet. Next time you move, you will have them ready to cover your mattresses again. Or next time a friend moves, you can lend them and they can use them, too.

Order yours now!

Such an easy way to protect your belongings, and it is really accessible, as well! You can get mattress bags specially designed for your type of mattress, for extra protection. Whether you have a single bed, a double, a queen-size, or a king-size, we have the right mattress bags for you! And their prices vary between 9.99$ and 19.99$, so you do not even feel this investment.

Call Let’s Get Moving now to order mattress protection bags and movers will bring them on the day of your move! If you want to have them in advance, let us know and we will be happy to find a solution. Let’s Get Moving!

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