Moving Cost in Ottawa (2024)

Moving Cost in Ottawa

Ottawa, the charming capital of Canada, offers its residents a lot: natural beauty, iconic landmarks and high quality of life.

It’s no wonder people pay a premium to live there, given the high cost of living in Ottawa.  But how much does moving to Ottawa cost?

Quick Answer: Although moving costs in Ottawa fluctuate depending on the service and company you choose, the average cost for hiring movers in Ottawa is $139 per hour.

If you’re moving locally within Ottawa, moving companies charge between $450 and $2,565 on average. If you’re moving out of Ottawa, then the cost of the Ottawa long-distance movers really depends on where you’re moving to.

Check out the table below for a quick price estimate on moving and living costs in Ottawa:

Category Average Cost
Cost of living in Ottawa $2,241 per month
Rent (1-bedroom apartment) $1,172-$1,334 per month
Utilities  $110-$130 per month
Groceries $325-$440
Transportation $147 per month
Local move within Ottawa $465
Long-distance move to/from Ottawa $990
Duration of an Ottawa move 3 hours
  • Average cost of living in Ottawa-$2,241
  • The average cost of a move within Ottawa-$465
  • The average cost of a long-distance move to/from Ottawa-$990
  • Average time of an Ottawa move-3 Hours

You can contact professional moving companies in Ottawa for a quick and personalized cost estimate for your move in or out of Ottawa.

Before hiring Ottawa movers for your move, you can refer to this guide. The information will walk you through the essential moving cost factors along with some valuable tips that will streamline your moving experience in 2024.

Cost of Moving within Ottawa (Local move)

Cost Of Local Moving In Ottawa

Just moving from one neighbourhood to another in Ottawa? This is considered a local move that can range from a low of $450 (studio apartment) to $2,500 and higher for a 4-bedroom house. Depending on the size of your property and how many items you need to move, the total cost may change.

The cost of movers in Ottawa can vary depending on many factors, such as the size of your business, the distance of the move, and the cost of living in Ottawa.

The moving services required by you will also affect the relocation expenses in Ottawa.

For instance, if you require packing, or storage services, getting the additional services will add to the overall cost of the move in Ottawa.

The size or weight of your move is the most significant aspect when moving. In addition,the time of year, mover, and services can also affect the moving cost in Ottawa.

Here’s a quick look at Ottawa moving costs based on home sizes:

Studio-1 Bedroom 2-3 Bedroom 4-5 Bedroom
$450-$770 $800-$1,225 $1,570-$2,565


The average cost to hire movers in Ottawa to move a studio apartment is $450 and the job needs two movers for three hours at $139 per hour.

1 Bedroom

For a 1 bedroom apartment, you can expect to pay around $695 for local Ottawa movers for two movers at $139 per hour.

2 Bedroom

You can expect to pay $882 for a 2-bedroom move for three movers for five hours at $199 per hour.

3 Bedroom

The average cost to hire Ottawa movers for a 3 bedroom is $1,196 for four movers at $ 259 per hour.

4 Bedroom

For a 4-bedroom house, the cost may vary around $1570. You’ll need four movers for nine hours at $259 per hour.

5 Bedroom

The cost of hiring Ottawa movers for a home with 5 or more rooms will cost you around $2,365 and the job requires 5-6 movers for around 9 hours at $319 per hour.

It’s worth noting that the cost of a residential move will vary, depending on the size of your property. As the size of your home increases, the number of movers and hours needed will also increase and that results in a higher overall cost.

To get a clear idea of the relocation costs, you’ll need to consider both your moving costs and your cost of living after the move. This means figuring out housing costs in Ottawa, rental rates and typical salaries to see what you can afford.

Ottawa Movers Cost: Moving out of the city

Ottawa to Nepean Cost | Ottawa to Kanata Cost | Ottawa to Gloucester Cost | Ottawa to Orleans Cost | Ottawa to Stitsville Cost

Since the cost of moving out of the city depends so much on where you’re moving, below are some example costs for a one-bedroom home.

Ottawa to Nepean: $680-$1,165

Ottawa to Kanata:$650-$1,225

Ottawa to Gloucester:$725-$964

Ottawa to Orleans:$840-$1,370

Ottawa to Stittsville: $880-$1,550

Moving Long-Distance to/from Ottawa

When you hire movers in Ottawa to relocate away from the city, you need to know that long-distance moving companies do not usually charge hourly rates. The long-distance moving companies charge you a flat-rate price depending on the weight of items to be moved, the moving distance, and the additional services required by you.

The average cost of long-distance movers in Ottawa ranges from $2,290 to $9890 for a distance of 1000 miles.

For example, moving cost from Ottawa to Hamilton for a 3-bedroom townhouse typically ranges from $2,180 to $3350. To complete the job, you’ll require 3-4 movers for around 7 hours.

However, this is an average estimate, and the true cost will depend on the exact moving services you need like packing or storage. It is good to get a custom quote to get a more accurate moving cost estimate. Having a more precise estimate tailored to your specific requirements helps you plan your budget effectively for a seamless moving experience.

Hiring movers only or getting a full moving service statistically makes a difference. You need to understand that the average cost of moving services in Canada varies by the job type you choose.

Check out the cost breakdown for moving services in Ottawa:

Moving with only loading help $396
Full Service moving with both loading and unloading booked together $573

What is the cost of packing in Ottawa?

Professional packing will make up about 20% of your moving cost. If you choose to self-pack, you should start a minimum of 4 weeks before your move date. If doing it for the first time, packing can be labour-intensive and quite time-consuming, especially for bigger homes. You can buy packing supplies to wrap your belongings well.

Most moving companies in Ottawa also offer professional packing services in addition to loading, transporting, and unloading your items.

Packing a 2-bedroom home costs $250 to $770, while packing a 3-4 bedroom home costs $565 to $1,500.

Service Average Cost
Packing per hour $130-$150
2-Bedroom home $250-$770
3 or 4-bedroom home $565-$1,500

Packing services may include furniture assembly and disassembly along with specialized packing for delicate and fragile items. Choosing to get these services may change the overall cost of moving in Ottawa.

Moving Supplies and Packing Materials Cost in Ottawa

The cost of packing supplies can vary based on the type of items you need. On average, basic moving supplies such as boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and packing paper can range from $50 to $200

However, for a more accurate estimate, it is recommended to assess your specific packing requirements, including the size and fragile nature of your belongings. This ensures you have the necessary materials to wrap your items during the move while also staying within your budget.


If you’re planning a residential or commercial move in Ottawa, it’s essential to know the average price of professional movers to help you plan your budget accordingly. 

Before you hire Ottawa movers for your next move, get a quote and know all the associated factors that may influence the cost of your move.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ottawa Movers

How much does it cost to move?

If hiring professional movers for a relocation, you can expect to pay at least $ 800-$1,000. The average cost of a local move is $1,250, and the average cost of a long-distance move is $2,200. Of course, the cost of your move will depend on certain factors such as the distance travelled, the weight of belongings, the move date, labour costs, and any additional services required, such as moving insurance or packing.

How are moving costs calculated in Ottawa?

Determining the cost of a local move is slightly different from a long-distance move. Typically, local moves are based on an hourly basis, while long-distance moves are flat rates. 

Common factors that affect the hourly rate include labour costs, services such as packing or taking an excessive number of stairs, and extra arrangements required. Whereas, a flat rate is the fixed price that companies charge for their services. The cost of a long-distance move is determined by the weight of the shipment, the distance between the pickup and drop-off and the labor costs.

What should I consider before choosing a moving company?

Before choosing to work with a moving company, consider whether the services offered are worth the money. If the answer is no, you can prefer to get less expensive alternatives or moving companies. Whatever you choose, make sure to weigh the pros and cons before deciding on a moving company. Following the 7 important steps can help you choose the right moving company as per your needs and budget.

How much should I budget for moving?

If you plan to hire a full-service moving company, we recommend budgeting at least several thousand dollars. The more items and the longer distance you move, the more expensive your move will be. Also, you’ll need to budget for moving supplies such as packing tape, moving boxes, and packing paper. Such supply costs will add up quickly especially when placing up a large household. You can read about overall moving costs in Canada, along with factors that can affect your moving budget.

What is the best way to cut back on your moving cost?

Moving is expensive, but there are some tried-and-true ways to reduce moving costs. Such include taking advantage of moving discounts, reducing the need to get unnecessary belongings, choosing a less expensive moving date and packing all items yourself. Additionally, try to get multiple moving quotes from different moving companies that may help you get the best deal.

How much do movers cost for a local move in Ottawa?

The average cost of a local move within Ottawa is around $550, for a studio apartment. Local moving companies usually charge by the hour. However, with the long-distance moves, keep in mind that moving costs fluctuate based on the time of year and the need for moving services.

How much do movers cost for a long-distance move?

On average, long-distance movers charge around $4,700 to $9,100 for a 4-bedroom apartment. Unlike a local move, the cost of a long-distance move is greatly based on the weight and distance of the shipment. Other important aspects include the cost of gas, labour costs, packing services, and insurance.

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