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Let’s admit this: almost nobody keeps their original TV boxes. We, as reputable Toronto movers with over ten years of experience, can confirm this. The original TV boxes take up way too much space and are not very easy to store, so people throw them away. But what happens with your large flatscreen TV when you move? How do you handle it and what do you wrap it in? Here is what we recommend you do: protect it properly with a TV kit. Read this article to find out more!

Protect your investment

Your TV was probably expensive and you should protect it properly. After all, you don’t make purchases like this every other day. Imagine how disappointing it would be to break your TV during the move! Even if you wrap it in bubble wrap, maybe with some blankets around, and secure it with enough tape, it might not be enough. Whereas a TV kit is specially designed for flat TVs and will therefore hold them properly and keep them safe. Moving is a long process that brings many risks when it comes to the integrity of fragile objects. Think about this! Take this advice from us, reputable Toronto movers with over a decade of experience. And especially if you don’t want to hire professional movers and packers, you should use one of these TV kites. It’s a small price to pay for your peace of mind. At Let’s Get Moving, we have prices starting from $9.99 for a TV kit, which will feel like nothing among other move-related purchases.

Reuse them for your next move

On average, Canadians move around 6 times in their life. So statistically speaking, either you or someone close to you will hire Toronto movers anytime soon. If you already bought a TV kit for your relocation, keep it! You will be able to reuse it for your next move or to give it to someone who moves before you. At Let’s Get Moving, we sell premium quality, heavy-duty TV kits that you can reuse many times. If used properly, this can be a one-time purchase, for all we know. And not only you will be able to put your TV inside, but you will be able to use it for art and mirrors, as well.

Use them for storage

TV kites are ideal for storing purposes – and not only for storing your TV. You can put everything in them, from paintings or other art to mirrors. This way, you will also not have to bother with what to keep those canvases in. Until the next time you meet with your favorite Toronto movers, these TV kites will keep your items safe. They take up very little space and can be put in narrow spaces, such as behind wardrobes and under beds. Or, if you plan to rent a storage facility in Toronto, you can use these kites there, as well.

We provide premium quality TV kits, tailored for various screen sizes. They are specially designed for flat screens and they are the ultimate choice when it comes to TV protection. We recommend purchasing them for as many TVs and large screens as necessary. Always better to be safe than sorry. Get in touch with  Let’s Get Moving now and learn more about the TV kits!

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