Things to know before you move to Thornhill

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For a suburban area / small town, Thornhill has a lot to offer! Get away from the hecticness of the big city and escape in this cozy and welcoming place. We sketched a quick list of useful things to know before you decide to move to Thornhill.

It is affordable

With many jobs available and a very good average income, Thornhill is a place you will find it very easy to live in. The costs of living here are reasonable and don’t suffer fluctuations, so this is a great thing to start from while considering moving to Thornhill.

Thornhill has very good schools

The education system in Thornhill is very up-to-date and you can find good schools here. If you are planning to move here with your family, your children’s education should not be a concern. The schools here are good. But, just in case you find nothing suitable, you can always commute to Toronto, which is just 26 kilometers away.

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Buying a house in Thornhill is probably a great idea

The real estate and rent prices in Thornhill are very reasonable. You will find many houses and apartments to choose from, all at good prices, quite cheap in comparison to the ones in Toronto. Besides, the district is very safe, so the neighbourhoods are very peaceful.

Are you still waiting? These are the most important things you need to know before you move to Thornhill. If you need more info, contact your real estate agent. After you make a decision, check for moving companies in Toronto that can help you pack everything quickly and you are ready to go.

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