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The 360,000 inhabitants of Etobicoke sure must have a lot of places to spend their free time. In a multicultural environment, there are lots of ways for you to enjoy the weekend or an afternoon. Here you have Let’s Get Moving‘s choice of top 5 things to do in Etobicoke.

Relax by the lake

Lake Ontario is on the South border of Etobicoke, so you can go there for a breathtaking view on a relaxing afternoon. Whether you choose to have a picnic, practice some yoga, or just move around and stretch your muscles, Lake Ontario is a good option. Be amazed by its size and by its impressive colors, while relaxing your mind and soul.

Taste the international cuisine

Whether we talk about Anatolian sweets, South American spices, or European classics, Etobicoke has restaurants with them all. Some of the immigrants that came here over the years opened businesses in the city. This way, we can now enjoy international tastes without having to move or travel out of our neighborhood.

Refresh your photo albums

The natural resorts, the parks, and the geometric futuristic designs of buildings will become your best photo subjects. Etobicoke has lots of amazing parks and buildings that will look great on your Instagram. Move from one to another, get the best angles and the most amazing light, and shoot. Everybody should see these places, even if just in pictures.

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Go to the market

Etobicoke has some nice farmers’ markets and flea markets. Skip the mass shopping in malls and classic shops. These markets will offer you original, high-quality products, that you otherwise cannot find in many places. As for the food products, they are mostly organic, and manually taken care of on the farms, so you will love them.

Visit the Village of Murals

The Village of Murals in Etobicoke has a very self-explanatory name. Get lost in the art of urban street artists and learn more about the community you live in. Then check the same murals again, after a while, and see how you perceive them now. Great spot, don’t miss it!

Etobicoke is a super-great place to live in so what are you waiting for, hire Etobicoke Movers.

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