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Highly professional services at fair hourly rates! This is what you get if you move with us. You are in complete control of your whole moving process, mostly when it comes to the financial part. We come fully prepared and equipped for providing you a successful move, and you will not have to move a muscle nor take an extra penny out of your pocket!

Our rates include the truck (regardless of the size needed), the movers’ emolument, insurance, and all supplies necessary. That’s it. No extra money for the extra few miles it took to get to your home, for the gas we fuelled with, or for having to climb a narrow staircase. Nothing like that. We charge hourly and everything is covered. Just check how much time it passed and you will be able to tell how much you will be billed.

One important thing to know is that we bill from when the truck with movers leaves our office until they return. The whole process is open and clear, so that you will not face any unpleasant surprises.

You will see we come fully prepared and with lots of equipment. None of those are charged extra, not even the two wardrobe boxes we bring to help move your hangers straight to the new wardrobe, without removing the clothes beforehand. Besides, we charge 15 minute increments, so that you pay a fair price.

Are you convinced we are the best movers out there? If you are not yet convinced, you will be after you complete a move with us. Call us now!

Cheap Movers EtobicokeLooking for a local moving company in Etobicoke? Then you are probably going to be looking for all the help you can get! At Let’s Get Moving, we know the streets of Etobicoke and have helped many people just like you and your family on their moving days. Our highly experienced movers are more than happy to help you every step of the way and make your moving job stress free by providing convenient, fast, and affordable moving services each and every time!

Our Moving Day Process in Etobicoke

Whether you are planning on moving to or out of Etobicoke, you can expect your crew at Let’s Get Moving to be highly professional, timely, and efficient throughout the moving process from start to finish. Our moving process is a multi-step system that ensures a quick and seamless process.

Step One: Arrival

Our movers will arrive on time at the home you are planning to move out of. Before the moving process begins, they will go through the process with you step by step so that you know what to expect for the day. Once the explanation is done, the movers will begin loading furniture and your other possession onto the moving truck. We ensure that this process is quick, and in a timely manner because we understand that time is money and we do not want to waste either one. While we will do the loading process in a timely manner, please be aware that we will take the utmost care with all of your belongings, especially the heavy furniture and any fragile possessions

Step Two: Moving

Once we finish loading the truck with all of your possessions, it is time to start moving toward your next destination. Our movers know the city of Etobicoke and its streets as well as any long term resident – this will ensure that they will make it to any of their appointed destinations on time.

Step Three: Unloading

Once the movers arrive at your new home, they will begin unloading the truck. We understand the importance of taking care of your furniture, appliances, and personal belongings and with years of experience, our movers are capable of handling it all. Our movers will then help bring everything into your new home (with care not to damage any floors/walls etc.) and help place everything in the spot that you want them to be. Our movers are happy to listen to any requests that you may have for the placement of any items and will adhere to them. This will make the moving process easier for you and your family and save time.

Step Four: Final Questions

Once we unload all your belongings and we put them in their places, our movers will be happy to answer any final questions of yours. Your satisfaction is important to us so we want to ensure that, before the job is done, you are satisfied with the move and the final result.

Etobicoke Moving Bonuses

If you are looking for movers and a moving company in Etobicoke, look no more. At Let’s Get Moving, we don’t just stop at getting your possessions from one home to the next! On top of our professional moving services, we also offer packing services which will make moving out a no-stress experience for you and your family. Our packers aim to provide optimal service available in Etobicoke. We make absolutely sure to note where your possessions are and where they are supposed to go, ensuring that they are properly organized during the packing process to prevent anything from being misplaced or lost. By combining Let’s Get Moving’s professional packing and moving services in Etobicoke, you are choosing an excellent service at a highly competitive price. Trust Let’s Get Moving and call them today for a stress-free and hassle-free moving day!


If you are planning a commercial or residential move in Etobicoke anytime soon, you are probably looking for the best moving company in Etobicoke. Look no more! Let’s Get Moving offers you quality moving services at affordable rates. And you shouldn’t believe us! Instead, check out the hundreds of positive reviews we got over the years on platforms such as Google, Facebook, Homestars, and Yelp. Many of our customers wrote descriptive reviews after their move with Let’s Get Moving.

Check them out and see what to expect when booking a move with us!

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Thousands of satisfied customers who have become lifelong clients and recommend us to their friends and family are a result of the years of experience we have built up. To us, word of mouth is everything. Our objective is to turn one-time clients into devoted friends. It always makes us very happy to hear from existing clients who refer others to us. The clientele we have built up is strong and keeps expanding. Check out what others are saying before you believe us. We are available on different websites, including Yelp, Facebook, Google, and Homestar. Reading our clients’ feedback will give you a better understanding of how we work.




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