5 things to do in Georgina

Moving to Georgina

Georgina’s 45,000 inhabitants have quite some options for spending their free time. Not to mention the place is a good choice to visit at least once! Being a nature lover is a big plus. Let’s Get Moving‘s top choice of 5 things to do in Georgina is right below.

Fish on Lake Simcoe

Fishing, ice fishing, boating, or just relaxing on the shore – Lake Simcoe is great for all these. Add some breathtaking sunsets to the equation. The lake is not always recommended for swimming, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t numerous ways in which you can enjoy it!

Enjoy a day at the beach

Volleyball, picnic, baseball, soccer, tennis and even swimming, when the weather is good. You can do all these at the Innisfil Beach Park in Georgina. The prices are lower if you are a resident, so keep this in mind on a list of bonuses for moving to Georgina.

Best view of Lake Simcoe in Georgina

Get yourself some nice antiques

Antiques on Highway 48 in Georgina is an amazing place if you are an antique lover! They have all sorts of decorations, devices, clothing, and household items to choose from. Move away from the mass market decorations in your living room and make some space for elegance! This place will feel like the childhood days when you were browsing for things in the attic.

Go to the theatre

Georgina has a really nice theatre house where they periodically organize concerts and performances of all kinds. The Stephen Leacock Theatre of Performing Arts is a good option if you want a relaxing evening with both culture and arts. The acoustics of the place is very good and the events are quite diverse.

Step in the past

Just for an afternoon. Learn about our brave nation’s history, focusing mostly on its military aspects, at the military specialty Museum! Large tanks, various weapons, and powerful military trucks offer you a vivid throwback to the past, and the guide is here to tell you more. The museum offers shows every now and then, so make sure to keep up with their calendar of events!

Georgina is an amazing serene place to live in if you are into small and peaceful communities, surrounded by nature. There are surely more than these 5 things enlisted here for you to do in Georgina! Moving to Georgina with a local Georgina moving company is a decision that you definitely will thank yourself for taking every time you see the amazing sunsets over the lake. Our new house gift is a free estimate and a zero-worry moving process. Get ready and Let’s Get Moving to Georgina!

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