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Canada’s favourite movers from Let’s Get Moving go above and beyond to offer top quality services, while maintaining affordable prices. Enjoy our hourly rates with no hidden or additional charges, breathe and relax! We are here to move your worries away!

Our rates cover the truck, the insurance of your belongings, the supplies we will use for your move, plus the distance, the gas, the workmanship, etc. Oh, and plus two strong wardrobe boxes. We strive to make you feel relaxed. Moving is a stressful process, but not if you choose professional movers.

You will understand professionalism once the crew of movers comes into your house and they start covering your floors. We don’t allow ourselves to risk scratching your floors, so we put a special runner on them before proceeding to work. Of course we also wrap your furniture and large electronics! We have special blankets for each of these. Everything that is packed and ready goes in the truck, where we secure them properly. Once this process is completed, we drive to your new location. We unload everything, put your boxes and furniture where you advise us, and we help with anything you might need. Our movers are well-trained and highly experienced, so this is really not an effort for us at all whatsoever.
TLDR: we bill fully inclusive hourly rates and always go the extra mile for your safety, protection, and for knowing you don’t worry about the move anymore.

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What to expect from Let’s Get Moving

Are you overwhelmed by the mere thought of relocating? Whether you’re planning to move in or out of Georgina, we’ll get the pressure and worry of relocation out of the way. With Let’s Get Moving, our goal is for you to move happily. We accomplish this by taking the time to understand your needs and then coming up with cost-effective and practical solutions for you. We customize each relocation process to fit the client’s unique requirements. Whether you are looking to relocate across the street or 100 miles away, it’s our job to ensure you get there safely and efficiently.

When you get in touch with us for a quote, we will ask you several questions in order to come up with a tailored plan specific to your move. Among the things that will determine how much you pay for the relocation project include:

  • The distance covered
  • The number of hours needed to complete the move
  • The number of movers who will be required for your project

We promise to give you a reasonable price and leave you some cash to start over without any stress. Let’s Get moving is highly rated as an affordable moving company in Georgina. Just because our rates are competitive doesn’t mean we compromise on quality in anyway. We offer world-class customer service, state-of-the-art moving equipment, and extensive skill. We take pride in giving each customer a good value for their money.

Every move is unique

Are you simply looking for movers in Georgina to handle the picking up and dropping off for you? Do you want expert packers to ensure your delicate items are securely transported? We know that every customer has unique relocation requirements. That’s why we are always ready to personalize the service to suit your needs. We can even unpack your items when they get to your new location. Our experts can assemble furniture and place everything in its rightful place before leaving your home. We promise to do all it takes to simplify your next relocation.

Corporate and commercial relocations

Having worked for numerous businesses over the years, it’s safe to say we are among the most trusted commercial movers in Georgina. There’s so much risk involved when relocating a business, which is why you need to partner with a reliable company. At Let’s Get Moving, we have expert project managers and operators who will coordinate the entire relocation. Whether you want us to carry items from your old warehouse to a new one or coordinate the relocation of office furniture to a new space, we are happy to provide our great service. We have many large multinational companies hiring us, as well as small startups in Georgina to cater to their relocation needs.

Let’s Get Moving is an experienced moving company operating in Georgina that has helped numerous individuals and businesses in the region to start over in a new location with ease. We know what customers want – transparency, speed, and care. We are ready to offer this and much more.


Looking to move to Georgina and still haven’t found the best moving company for your needs? We say the best way is to check out the reviews. They often describe the entire moving process and you can get a very good idea of how the company works. Let’s Get Moving is the proud subject to hundreds of positive reviews from happy customers who moved with us over time, in Georgina and in the Greater Toronto Area. These customers are helping prospective customers get an idea of what to expect when moving with us.

Check out their reviews on Yelp, Google, Homestars, and Facebook, or check out the samples below:

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lets get moving reviews
lets get moving Canada reviews

Thousands of satisfied customers who have become lifelong clients and recommend us to their friends and family are a result of the years of experience we have built up. To us, word of mouth is everything. Our objective is to turn one-time clients into devoted friends. It always makes us very happy to hear from existing clients who refer others to us. The clientele we have built up is strong and keeps expanding. Check out what others are saying before you believe us. We are available on different websites, including Yelp, Facebook, Google, and Homestar. Reading our clients’ feedback will give you a better understanding of how we work.




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If you want to figure out how many packing boxes you need for your next move then use our packing Calculator. Most of your belongings need to be packed for protection during a move. Let us help you find the moving boxes and packing materials that you need with our free packing calculator.