5 things to do in Grimsby

Move to the peaceful town of Grimsby Ontario

There would not be too many options for spending your free time in a town of 27,000 inhabitants. Think again, because Grimsby will never let you get bored while you are there! Read below our favourite 5 things to do in Grimsby.

Enjoy a miniature version of Niagara

The Beamer Falls have a very nice trail to walk on and breathtaking views everywhere. Not the most impressive cascade you have seen, but still impressive. Visit this part of Grimsby during winter time and you will reconsider the hierarchy of impressive places you have been to.

Taste some good flavors

And not only the restaurants in town provide this, but also the distillery. Learn about Canadian whiskey and its production process at the Forty Creek Distillery in Grimsby. End the tour with some whiskey tasting and you will want to come back for more.

Visit the museum

The Grimsby Museum, operated by the municipality, offers two exhibitions that constantly change. So going to the museum this month will not be the same as going two months from now. Also, the museum frequently hosts exhibitions brought from outside of Grimsby, so make sure not to miss them!

Downtown Grimsby City

Get some culture and art

The Grimsby Art Gallery shares a building with the public library, so visiting it brings some extra culture. Lovely gallery to go to if you want to admire some exquisite art pieces, mostly visual. The place is child-friendly and organises training and workshops periodically. Do not miss the souvenir shop, you will love it!

Take the Forty Mile Creek Trails

Put your hiking boots on and go on the trails! The place offers very impressive views and you can enjoy watching the birds on the water, too. Besides, it is a historic site of the Forty Creek Battle, so why not hike and enjoy history, at the same time?

Grimsby is a very good option to live in if you are into small yet active communities, surrounded by nature. And there are more than these above-detailed 5 things to do in Grimsby. Moving here with the help of Grimsby movers is a decision you will not regret taking. Can we convince you with a free estimate?

Reserve a date for your move to Grimsby with our Toronto moving company and after that Let’s Get Moving!

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