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Are you new here? Let us tell you, in few words, how we work, so you know what to expect! If you are happy with what you read, don’t forget to book a move or give us a call to inquire!

The hourly rate applied by Let’s Get Moving is all-inclusive and has no hidden fees annexed to it. It covers the movers, the truck, the moving supplies, the insurance of your goods, plus two large boxes with hanger pole for helping you move your wardrobe clothes. Even if you need help arranging the furniture around in your new house, we will still not charge you extra. Don’t forget to let us know if you need help dissembling or assembling anything! Of course it is for free.

We protect all your belongings and treat them with respect, to make sure nothing is damaged. We cover your furniture and your floors, we stow furniture and boxes safely in the truck, we use protection chords and ropes. Long story short, we go above and beyond to make sure your move is worry-free and your furniture is scratch-free.

If you need storage services, our climate controlled Toronto storage units are a good option. The monthly rent is affordable and we offer 24/7 video surveillance, for extra protection of your goods. Whether just for one month or for a few years, Let’s Get Moving’s storage units are here for you!

Need movers, packers, or storage? Call right away to inquire! Please have in mind that our prices are discounted on working days, every month from the 4th to the 26th. Let’s Get Moving!


You need to ensure that you’ve partnered with the right professionals to make your relocation as hassle-free as possible. At Let’s Get Moving, we want to help you feel at home and relaxed before you even begin unpacking your boxes. We do this by offering timely, efficient, and quality service. Our dedicated team of movers has massive experience in all kinds of relocation projects, both in Grimsby and in other cities. We can transport that single item you need out of your home or carry all the belongings in your household. We don’t look at the size of the move when choosing to deliver an exceptional service. We always give our best regardless of the size of the project at hand.

No matter how far you go

Let’s Get Moving’s professional movers can help you relocate within Grimsby or hundreds of miles from your current location. Whether you are planning a short or long-distance move, we can help out. If you are planning to relocate a short distance, you still need experts to ensure the process runs smoothly. Remember there’s so much packing and loading to do and you need a professional touch to make things a lot easier for your family or employees. We know that relocating can be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. We’re always here to help.

Our services

Grimsby residents can enjoy a range of services from the team at Let’s Get Moving. This includes:

  • Packing and unpacking
  • Loading and unloading
  • Assembly and disassembly
  • Moving supplies
  • Commercial relocation planning and management

We offer the full range of relocation services so you don’t have to sweat or stress over your relocation process.

From doing full packing to setup, planning, and the actual relocation, we take all the steps required to ensure every move we put our hands on is a success.

Additionally, we offer specialty packing for fragile items such as fine art, antiques, musical instruments, marble, and glass.

Whatever your relocation needs are, we are happy to provide a high level of customer service and skill that’s unmatched by any other moving company in Grimsby.

Enjoy a happy move

We know how relocation can be extremely overwhelming and costly. But it doesn’t have to be. With Let’s Get Moving, we will provide you with competitive rates. Our charges are based on the distance as well as the time it would take to complete the move. If you will need more movers in Grimsby to handle the project, we will also factor this in our pricing. All in all, expect an affordable service and the assurance that your belongings are in safe hands.

Grimsby top-rated movers

Having served Grimsby and neighboring communities for many years, we have earned a good reputation for ourselves. We always strive to provide a relocation service with a difference. Talk to us today and get to learn your options. We make moving a lot easier than you think.


Let’s Get Moving has years of experience in residential and commercial moves all over the Greater Toronto Area. When you are looking for the best moving company in Grimsby, make sure to check not only what moving companies have to say about themselves, but also what customers who moved with them think. Luckily, social media allows us to share our thoughts easily and have them available for wide audiences. This is how many customers have discovered Let’s Get Moving over the years: by finding hundreds of recommendations from former customers and realizing we are indeed the best moving company in Grimsby.

Check out a tiny sample of these recommendations:

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Thousands of satisfied customers who have become lifelong clients and recommend us to their friends and family are a result of the years of experience we have built up. To us, word of mouth is everything. Our objective is to turn one-time clients into devoted friends. It always makes us very happy to hear from existing clients who refer others to us. The clientele we have built up is strong and keeps expanding. Check out what others are saying before you believe us. We are available on different websites, including Yelp, Facebook, Google, and Homestar. Reading our clients’ feedback will give you a better understanding of how we work.




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