5 things to do in Montreal

Moving to Montreal

When talking about a city as big as Montreal, with a population of 2,000,000, there should definitely be many activities to do and places to go around. And while there sure are hundreds of things to do in Montreal, we made a list of 5. 


Check out the Royal Park

The Montreal Royal Park is over 140 years old now, but it never gets old. It is an ideal place for admiring the flora and fauna and it offers an incredible top view of the city. Definitely an iconic view of Montreal, worth visiting during the day, at night, when it rains, when it snows… you get our point.

Walk through history

Old Montreal is a Parisian-style historic district featuring many museums, cultural landmarks, chic boutiques, and fancy restaurants and cafes. When you first step foot on the cobblestone streets you will automatically travel in time to the old days. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Visit the Notre Dame

The French Notre Dame might be impressive, but the Canadian Notre Dame in Montreal is amazing! It is the oldest catholic church in the city and it is absolutely incredible. Step inside quietly and be amazed by the history of the city, as it is represented on the stained glass.

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Enjoy the botanical garden

The Montreal Botanical Garden is part of Space for Life, the largest natural science museum cluster in Canada. Don’t expect a regular botanical garden, because this one is so much more! We are not telling you more, but put on some comfy shoes and be ready for a couple of hours of constant need to take pictures.

Visit the Barbie Expo

Doesn’t this sound like something that you would have loved when you were a kid? You will love it now, too. In Downtown Montreal you can find this really cool exhibition with hundreds of Barbie dolls. Take your kid there and they will immediately forget about Disneyland!

There are so many more than 5 things to do in Montreal! But think about it: if you move here, you will have plenty of time to discover them all. ? 

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