5 things to do in Woodbridge

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Jokes are saying that the best thing to do in Woodbridge is to travel to Toronto. While we admit that Woodbridge is a rather small and quiet suburb of Vaughan, there are a lot of things you can do here – even more than the five that we found.

Enjoy nature

The Boyd Conservation Area is just one of the many places where nature was left untouched. Take a walk on the trails, have a picnic, play a sport, or just move around from one place to another and enjoy nature at its best. The area is perfect for people of all ages, and you can enjoy it with your whole family!

Take your kids to the escape room

The Captive Kids escape room in Woodbridge is designed for children and their families. Team us with your family and move from one clue to another in order to escape the room you are trapped in! This is a great place to spend half an afternoon and it is also very challenging and stimulating for kids.

Get some proper training

You can hike or go out jogging anytime in Woodbridge. But if you want something more structured, the Vaughan Sportsplex in Woodbridge is a perfect choice for that. The place is open 7 days a week and is perfect for anniversaries, team building, and tournaments. Enjoy some sports with your family or friends!

Taste international cuisine

Woodbridge might not be such a big place, but it does showcase diversity in all ways. One of the most delightful ones is cuisine. People who moved here from all over Canada and the world opened international restaurants. Try some Italian or Asian dishes in one of the many niche restaurants and you will find yourself coming back for more!

Indulge at a spa

There are a few amazing spa centers to choose from in Woodbridge. Whether you need special treatment or just want a day of complete relaxation, the spas are a good choice. Massage therapy, wellness, beauty treatments of all kinds, from professionals – everything is waiting for you, at the nearest spa in Woodbridge.

These 5 things to do in Woodbridge were the first that came to mind. However, the place has more to offer, so take the time to find and enjoy them all! If you are looking to move to Woodbridge, you will have time to discover all the gems this place offers. 

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