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We offer you wide-ranging moving services at a competitive price. You have permanent awareness and control over the price of your Woodbridge move, because we charge an inclusive hourly rate. At any time, you will know how much you will pay for your move! We offer an all-inclusive cost charged per hour that covers everything: transport to and from your home, insurance in case of damage of your goods, moving supplies and gear, movers’ labour etc.

We are ready to handle your moving process with the utmost care and respect. Our well-trained movers are respectful and polite above all, and they will always treat you and your home with all the respect in the world. Our crews will make sure that your goods are well protected while moving them to your new location and placing them where you want. They will protect the floors of your home with runners and your large furniture with moving blankets sealed with plastic wrap or tape.

Larger or heavier pieces of furniture that need taking apart and reassembly are on us! Just tell us what you need help with and we can do it in no time. Your outfits and garments can be stored into the additional two wardrobe boxes that we bring for your move, free of charge. This way, you can move them easily from a wardrobe to another, without having to fold them beforehand.

This is what our competitive price is all about, a wide range of professional moving services and transparency of the billing process. Other costs like transportation and gas used to fuel the moving truck are not charged towards our customers. We only bill travel between our location and yours, roundtrip. We bill by 15-minute increments, to make sure we are the fairest possible about our billing process. For a weekday move between 4th to 26th, we will add a special discount. Contact us now to inquire!

Are you moving into a new house soon and you are not sure whether you should do this by yourself or with a moving company? There are definitely some pros and cons to both options. What you really need to be aware of is that, if chosen wisely, a moving company could actually end up saving you more money than moving by yourself. Here is how you can find the best moving company in Woodbridge.

If you choose to move without help from professionals, there are a few things you should consider beforehand. Moving takes time and preparing a residential move is energy consuming. First, you have to deal with sorting all your items and deciding what comes with you to your new home and what goes into storage. Second, you have to pack properly, making sure everything is cushioned and protected from damage. From the tiniest teaspoon to the king bed, everything needs to be wrapped and packed before the move. Last, you have to carry everything from the house to the truck, drive to your new home, and unload all your things there. Some items might be extremely heavy and the staircase might be narrow. You might also stack boxes improperly and accidents risk occurring.

Advantages of a moving company

Or you could go for the quickest and fastest (and smartest, we might add) option and book with a moving company. Professional movers and packers are one phone call away, with a free estimate and high-end services. Choosing a moving company over moving by yourself pretty much means you will not have to move a single muscle. Relax, let your worries go away, and let movers do everything. They can even help you pack if you choose this, and you can bet they will do it faster than you could ever do it. Movers will bring their own professional moving supplies to use during the process, with no compromises that might result in breaking or damaging your items.

Fast, efficient, and polite movers

All our crews and staff here at Let’s Get Moving are not only excellent professional movers but also very respectful individuals. You will probably be pleasantly surprised to see how gently and respectfully they treat you, your family, and your household. Each and every item will be handled with maximum attention, both during packing and while loading and unloading. Our movers treat your objects with as much care as you would yourself. We also pay attention to details: we cover your floors with a protection runner, we use moving cushions, top quality moving blankets, and overall all our moving supplies are high quality. All in order to be assured your items are kept safe during all phases of your move.

Movers who always respect your home and belongings

Our movers always do everything that is in their power to make your move easier. They always take initiative and cooperate in the best way possible. Even if you realize you might need their help to assemble some pieces of furniture, don’t hesitate to ask! Your moving crew is there for you and we never charge extra. We only have an hourly rate that we apply and that fully inclusive. We respect our customers and wish to only grow our business by expanding our client base organically. This is why we show respect towards customers with every single thing we do in relation to their residential or commercial moves. Taking longer times than needed, using cheap moving supplies, or scamming our customers is something we would never engage in. If you take some time to read some of our reviews, you will see how many of our former customers return for moving again with us. We appreciate this fidelity and we are aware that this is possible not only because of our professionalism but also because of how gently and kindly our movers treat customers.

Adaptable relocation experts

One of the key points of being a professional moving company is the capacity to adapt. Whether we talk about rescheduling a move or improvising while facing some unexpected situations, Let’s Get Moving is all about adapting to the needs of the customers. We know moving is stressful and we want to help reduce the level of stress as much as possible. Also, we want customers to be happy about how their move went and about not having to compromise on anything. Our crews are equally prepared for a tiny bedroom or a large four bedroom move. We are also experienced in both residential and commercial moves, having operated hundreds of both during the past years. So no job is too difficult and no situation is impossible for our professional movers.

While it might be difficult to create an objective hierarchy to find which is the absolute best moving company in Woodbridge, we can promise you will not regret moving with us. If you seek to find professional movers that are also respectful and polite, look no more. Get in touch and book with us now!


You just stumbled into the best movers you can find in Woodbridge! Does it sound like bragging? Well, it’s not. This is not our opinion, but the conclusion we got after reading the opinions of hundreds of customers we helped move. As a moving company, we always get reviews after completing a residential or commercial move. On Yelp, Facebook, Google, and Homestars, we receive positive reviews almost every week! If you read them carefully, you will see that our customers are very happy about our moving services and our professionalism!

See the reviews for yourself on these four platforms or click on the videos below for a short summary!

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Thousands of satisfied customers who have become lifelong clients and recommend us to their friends and family are a result of the years of experience we have built up. To us, word of mouth is everything. Our objective is to turn one-time clients into devoted friends. It always makes us very happy to hear from existing clients who refer others to us. The clientele we have built up is strong and keeps expanding. Check out what others are saying before you believe us. We are available on different websites, including Yelp, Facebook, Google, and Homestar. Reading our clients’ feedback will give you a better understanding of how we work.




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