7 Tips to Streamline A Move This Holiday Season

Tips To Move During Holidays

The glow of Christmas lights is around, and you’re worried about moving to your new home?

Fret Not!

Relocating during the festive season can be a joyful experience if you add a bit of strategic planning to the process.

Whether you’re moving across streets or to a new city, our top 7 tips will make it a seamless, stress-free and merry holiday move for you.

7 Tips To Streamline A Move

Tip 1: Plan Your Move Ahead of Time

Start planning for your move at least six weeks before moving day.

This will help you quickly coordinate and organize all the tasks you need to relocate your home. Scrambling at the last minute will only add stress and frustration.

Set a timeline and mark off dates you can’t change, such as the end of your lease and the start of a new job.

Prioritize tasks and block off time for unimportant commitments like social events.

Tip 2: Consider Daylight Savings

In winter, the days gradually become darker, especially a few days before Christmas. 

To add to this, daylight savings make it darker even earlier, and time gets to fall back by one hour in the month of November.

The darker evenings in these months make relocating to a new place more challenging.

It is a good idea to check when the sun usually sets in your area so you know how much daylight you have for moving tasks.

Tip 3: Prepare an Essentials Bag

Be sure to carry items you need during the first few days after moving. 

Instead of sorting through moving boxes in your new home, keep a bag of your essential items nearby. 

This should include a toothbrush, deodorant, change of clothes, phone and laptop chargers, medications, wallet, and snacks.

Tip 4: Hire Professional movers

Having professional and experienced movers by your side can save you both time and effort. Also, they can handle your heavy items like furniture and electronics that keep you away from injury. 

You can compare various moving companies and get multiple quotes to make an informed decision. Or you can follow the seven steps to choose the right moving company.

Take your time to understand the general moving cost in Canada, and feel free to negotiate a better rate by sharing the quotes you’ve received from other companies. 

Tip 5: ‘Tis the Season to Declutter

Before decking the halls of your new home, take the opportunity to declutter your belongings. 

Donate or discard items you no longer need to make your holiday move more efficient and your new space more organized.

Tip 6: Clean Your Home Before Moving Day

Many things will happen on a moving day, including movers going in and out of your home.

Cleaning your apartment or house on a moving day is not wise. It may delay your movers, or it could risk them slipping. 

You can choose to clean your home a week before moving day. After the movers are done, you can do a final wipe-down, when all your belongings have been moved out.

Tip 7: Prepare for Inclement Weather Conditions

Keep a close eye on the weather forecast and plan for any challenges by having the necessary supplies on hand. 

Moving during the holidays might be challenging if there’s a snowstorm. So, plan ahead to ensure your belongings stay safe, regardless of the weather.

Pros and Cons of Moving During the Holiday Season

While selecting the moving date, it is essential for you to carefully understand the pros and cons of planning relocation during the holiday season.

Pros Cons
Festive vibes everywhere Increased Moving Costs
Seasonal discounts available Challenging weather conditions
New beginnings of the year Disruption to Holiday Plans
Less traffic and crowds Availability of friends and family for help

The Bottom Line

If moving during this holiday season, manage your time and expense easily in the process.

A local move averages around $450 for a studio apartment, and you can expect to do more if you have a larger family.

It is better to create a budget for holiday spending and moving so you don’t get caught by surprises during the holiday.

Also, take time to check the weather forecast beforehand so you’re prepared for any challenges that might come your way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is moving during winter affordable?

Yes, moving from September to March is relatively inexpensive compared to summer. This is because the moving and storage business tends to slow down during the winter and holidays.

Are there discounts for moving around on major holidays?

While movers usually do not offer discounts for specific holidays like Christmas or New Year, moving during holidays leads to more favourable pricing due to the decreased demand.

How can I plan a smooth holiday move?

Create a moving checklist and schedule all tasks well in advance while still taking part in the holiday season. Also, plan your budget for potential cost savings and better availability of moving services.

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