5 Tips To Help You Compare Moving Company Prices

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There are a few things to take note of when you are planning on moving from one house to another.  Apart from getting all the appliances and furniture, you must also consider the moving cost, especially in looking for a moving company. This can be very crucial since your belongings are in their care. 

Here are 5 tips to help you compare moving company prices if you are planning on a move anytime soon:

Read Companies’ Reviews

Since we are all looking for moving companies online, it is always better to check and read their reviews. Generally, people will leave their reviews regardless of whether it’s good or bad and these are both important for you to take note of. There are thousands of websites that would give you an idea of the type of service they offer to their clients. Through reading their reviews, you will have an idea of which company offers you the best services. For example – if you are living in Toronto and looking for movers then search on google “moving company in Toronto” and it will display a list of websites. Check their reviews and hire them. 

Leave an Affordable Deposit

Once you have already your list of possible movers, remember that good and highly regarded movers won’t be demanding too much money from your account. It is even better to pay it during delivery rather than depositing money before moving. Paying in advance would lose control over your belongings. Take note that reputable companies are always after their services, money comes only second in their priority.

Do the Packing Yourself

Packing your belongings gives you security and saves you money. If you leave the packing to the mover, they add more prices on top of the moving fee. This means you will be paying extra for the boxes and other packing materials, including their labor. However, if you would really opt for the packing services, it is better to always check on their credibility in packing to secure your belongings. It would be helpful if you sign an agreement on packing your things to make things transparent and legal.

Be Prepared Before the Movers’ Arrival

Most movers are paid by the hour so it would be better if all are ready upon their arrival. When they arrive at your doorstep, the rate starts. So, to minimize your fee, it’s a great deal that all of your belongings are ready to be hauled in their vehicles. Always double-check your belongings and make sure that they are placed in your agreed vehicle.

Ask for Transparent and Written Rates

When you finally decide to come up with a mover of your choice, always ask for transparent price rates and have them in written form. This way, you are assured of your safety and transparency between you and the movers. This would also avoid additional charges that they give upon moving. Most movers would give you an initial quote. This may vary depending on factors like time, weight, and sizes of all of your packed belongings. However, always remember that legally the final price should not be more than 10% of the initial price. Going above and beyond means the mover is ripping you off!

These 5 tips should help you compare moving company prices and help you make the best decision. Moving can be very stressful which is why it is better to come up with your plan beforehand. Remember that hiring the best moving company gives you the best service at a very reasonable rate.

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