Helping Children Behave During a Move


Moving can be (and it usually is) stressful for everyone, and most of the time this applies especially to children. Moving from Toronto or moving to Toronto efficiently implies first of all choosing the right movers, to make moving stress-free. But what do you do to help children behave during the move?


Moving day is a big day for everyone but it can be especially stressful for a child. To calm their fears (and hopefully improve their behavior on a moving day) you can:

  • Make sure they are well prepared for what to expect
  • Give them some small tasks that they are responsible for
  • Talk to them about the move to or from Toronto and how great the new place will be

Speaking to your child about what to expect from the moving company on moving day i.e.; what time the truck will come, how long it will take for the movers to have it loaded, and what you will be doing while the truck is being loaded can calm the fears that children have and reduce acting out. Make them responsible for small tasks like keeping a backpack of overnight clothing with them. Make the idea of moving fun, and talk about how exciting it is to get a new home!


Having a bag of goodies and small games can go a long way in helping your children stay busy while the moving truck is being loaded. Make a game out of putting them in charge of looking around to ensure nothing is left behind. Hand them a clipboard and a pen with a list to check off (which of course you will supervise). Get them involved in a safe way.
A coloring book and crayons are a good choice for a very young child. A book is a good choice for an older child. Children need something to keep them busy to help them behave so be sure to pack a bag that you will keep with you that has some comfort items for them that can be fun.


Small electronics like a tablet or even a laptop can go a long way in keeping your children occupied during the move. Being able to tune into their favorite cartoons can help them to behave and stay out of the way during the move.
Snacks and a movie can easily help with the transition from old house to new.


Your behavior will influence your child’s behavior. Of course, the right movers will help you to stay calm which in turn will help your child to stay calm. There is no greater influence on your child than you. Children feed off the adults around them. They pay attention to see how they should behave and they will act out when they feel stressed.

Helping children behave during a move is definitely a must for decreasing the stress of the moving process. Choose a moving company in Toronto that can help relieve some of your stress so you can stay calm and enjoy the adventure with your child.

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