Moving at Christmas Time: The Good & The Bad

Moving During Christmas

Moving during Christmas may seem like a difficult decision to make during your relocation process. There are just as many reasons to move during the holidays as there are not, and it can easily overwhelm you while you plan for your upcoming move. Luckily the movers and packers at Let’s Get Moving have drawn up this quick guide to some of the pros and cons of moving at Christmas time!

Pros of Moving During Christmas

Your Friend’s Offer Moving Help

Christmas time brings out the best in people, and if you are in need of help moving out of your old place, this is a great gift to receive. Your friends being more available during holiday times means that they’ll be there to support you emotionally and possibly help you relocate. However, if you want professional relocation services, enlist the expert moving help of our Toronto full-service movers.

Exciting New Experience

Moving out to your new home is already an exciting experience, adding in the joy that surrounds Christmas is a great story to tell! Moving at Christmas time will also add a certain holiday cheer to the adventure of moving into your new home!

Holiday Prices May Be Lower Before Christmas

During the planning stages of your move make sure to ask yourself “When do holiday prices go down?””; This information could save you a good amount of money in the weeks leading up to the move. Prices fluctuate during the holidays so keep an eye out for a good deal! Our affordable Toronto moving company offers competitive rates for all our residential moving services

Cons of Christmas moving

Moving Supplies May be Pricier Closer to Christmas

Despite moving quotes potentially being less expensive during the holiday season, moving supplies and equipment may be much more expensive. Although this can be avoided by shopping early as stated above, there is still the risk of the date of purchase falling too close to Saint Nick’s yearly toy giveaway. Consider purchasing our premium moving supplies to prepare you for your upcoming move or enlist our full-service packers to expertly pack for you!  

Leaving Home

While leaving home during Christmas can be an adventure for some, for others, it can be a sad moment during the holidays. Moving at Christmas time may feel like you’re not going to be in your “home” during a time of year centered around family. It’s best to keep a positive attitude and look forward to your move!

The Weather Isn’t Gonna Help You!

As a Toronto local moving company, we can attest that Christmas time brings snow. Snow can cause any number of complications during the moving process that could cause delays and maybe even damage to your property if you aren’t using the right moving company. So, make sure you’re using trusted Toronto Movers, Let’s Get Moving! Our award-winning moving and packing company has the expertise to ensure successful residential relocations even in holiday snow! 

Contact our Toronto Moving Company! 

Let’s Get Moving Canada is a dependable and trusted company offering Toronto moving labor, packing, and storage services. When your holiday move is coming up be sure to contact the movers you can trust! Call (647) 371- 5909 to receive a free moving estimate or to book your holiday move today! 

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