Tips for Moving During The Holiday Season

moving during the holidays

Let’s Get Moving understands that sometimes your plans call for moving during the holiday season. Holidays, especially Thanksgiving, are an especially hectic time of year because people generally plan vacations or expect visits from close friends and family. If you plan to move on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or the New Year, our top movers in Toronto are here to help with our holiday moving and storage tips.

How Should I Plan Moving During the Holiday Season?

Our moving company in Toronto recommends that you plan your move about a month in advance. You should get together with the people you are moving with and come up with an estimation of how long and difficult your move will be. The amount of time it takes to pack belongings is often underestimated by those who are moving, so we recommend accounting for anything ranging from two to three weeks to properly pack your possessions. For example, during a Thanksgiving move, people generally fail to account for their extensive fine china and utensil collection. These kinds of products should be accounted for and movers should plan accordingly when they plan on packing a house during Thanksgiving. If you need help with packing, enlist the professional packing services of our Toronto movers and packers.  

Also, moving during the holidays usually means that your guests will be excited to see your new home or neighborhood. Since your home is likely to not be in tip-top shape, it is wise to offer to change the location of your gathering so that you do not disorganize your home further. To make your house less cluttered and easier to maneuver, consider not packing any holiday decorations. Keep things simple, and make sure that the bulky decorations you bring into your new home are either lightweight or can be broken down into smaller pieces. For Thanksgiving, make sure that you do not bring your old yard decorations since these could be easily found in any department store in your new location. If you decide to bring your favorite holiday decorations, make sure that they are packed in an organized fashion, and they are labeled correctly. Fortunately for you, our moving and storage company in Toronto offers packing services so that you can effectively manage all of your holiday belongings. 

Lastly, people moving during the holidays need to make sure that they count on the services of an experienced Toronto moving company. With all the planning and dedication that a residential, commercial, or business move takes, it is best to rely on the services of experienced professionals. There are many components to a move, and many people feel overwhelmed when they encounter a moving holiday by themselves. We service locations across the Grand Toronto Area, including Mississauga, Etobicoke, and much more. Contact Let’s Get Moving today to learn more!

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