Planning a Yard Sale Before Hiring House Movers

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Before your Toronto Movers come to help you out with your relocation, you should consider organizing a yard sale. This is a great way to declutter by getting rid of the things you no longer use. And why not make a little money while at it? A yard sale is a great social event that will help achieve a few goals at the same time. They are quite common in Canada and the United States, and they showcase incredible diversity. Here are our tips for planning a successful yard sale before your move.

Organize properly

In order not to be rushed by having to meet your house movers in Toronto soon, you should organize this whole yard sale thing properly. Start gathering the stuff you no longer use from each room of the house. Yes, there are a lot of things we don’t use just laying around and taking space. Make sure to find all of them – or at least most of them – and prepare them for sale. Maybe they need to be washed or fixed. Take care of these aspects and, if needed, talk to the other people in your house and make sure they all agree with you selling these items. After all, they might have an emotional attachment to some of them. Don’t turn the yard sale into a family conflict!

People need to know about your event in order to attend it. Especially since we talk about a one-time event, you should advertise it among the people you know. If you come from a small community, you can even consider putting some posters out for people to see them. Otherwise, use Craigslist and local newspapers as places to advertise in. Some pretty signs would be also nice to have outside the house. There is also the opportunity to team up with neighbours and friends and make a collective yard sale. This will help all of you sell better and gain more visibility. As for the products themselves, you should make them appeal to your prospective customers. Keep everything organized and easy to spot among the other items. Similar items should go together and you should also offer your visitors the chance to try them out. For example, if you sell appliances or electronics, make sure they have where to plug them. This will increase your chances of selling. Just think how you would like a yard sale to look in order to convince you to buy.

Consider storage as a second option

Just in case you don’t sell everything – or until you do – consider renting a storage unit. There is no point in taking the useless items to your new home, after all. Many of the professional house movers in Toronto also have storage facilities. You can rent a unit for a certain period of time until you figure out what to do with those things. In storage, they will be kept safe and, if you choose properly, also in a climate-controlled environment. Some of the house movers in Toronto, including Let’s Get Moving, offer this option. You just have to look up what movers can offer you.

Yard sales are absolutely amazing events that bring joy and also help you get rid of items you no longer wish to use. We hope our article helped you get inspired to plan your own yard sale before your house movers in Toronto come pick up your stuff. If you need movers and storage, get in touch with us at Let’s Get Moving today for more information!

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