The Proper Way of Moving a Pool Table


Moving a pool table is definitely not something you can just do by ear. It is a huge undertaking implying both know-how and lots of patience. The pool table definitely can’t just be lifted, put in a truck, and transported. It’s way too heavy and cumbersome. It’s got to be taken apart and reassembled again in your new home. 

Hiring a speciality movers with the expertise to properly handle the job is the way to go as it’s almost as complicated as moving a piano. A professional pool table mover can carefully disassemble, pack up, move your pool table and reassemble it without causing any damage.

The following steps explain the proper way of moving a pool table, which is also how our pool table movers get the job done if you’re thinking of moving it yourself:

  1. First, the side pockets need to be removed. Have a close look at how they’re affixed to the table so you can make sure you have the proper tools on hand for the job.
  2. Next the rails should be taken off. You’re going to need to unscrew the bolts with a wrench while holding the rails firmly to the table. Get some help here.
  3. The felt needs to be loosened so that it can be removed. How best to do this depends on how it’s been laid down on the base. This is when you risk causing irreparable damage. The felt might be glued down or stapled. If it’s stapled it’s easier to remove but if it’s glued you may have difficulty. This needs to be thought out before you begin.
  4. Next, you’re going to need to remove the base. Using power tools you will need to unscrew the bolts which hold the main base to the frame. You’re going to need some muscle to help you with this.
  5. Under the base, you’ll find the frame. The frame now needs to be separated from the legs. Carefully detach the frame making sure the legs are properly secured.
  6. Since you now have successfully disassembled your pool table you can pack up the pieces and place them in the truck like any other piece of furniture, using lots of padding or bubble wrap. You do not want to damage the wood on this valuable piece of furniture.
  7. Don’t forget to pack up all the screws and bolts along with the pool table accessories. Pack up the balls, the pockets, and the other accessories including the pool cues and racks, and place them in a large box. Use pillows and blankets to cushion all the pieces and keep them from moving around. The best way to transport the felt is either folded very carefully or rolled up and covered with plastic wrap and placed in a box. You do not want to risk having it tear or otherwise get damaged.

This is the proper way of moving a pool table, in 7 steps. If you don’t have all the tools or a good strong friend to help you with this job then consider hiring a professional pool table mover in Toronto to take care of the entire job for you. With so much to think about during a move the massive undertaking of moving the pool table is often overlooked.

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