Tips On Moving Out: Moving Day Safety

Tips On Moving Out: Moving Day Safety

There is no question that when it comes time to move you will have a lot on your mind. Learning plenty of tips on moving out will help you get on and stay on the right track. Out of all the things you will be taking into consideration, nothing is more important than moving day safety.

You need to make sure that you, your family and anyone helping you move is safe throughout the entire process. This can be an unpredictable day with plenty of unforeseen dangers if you aren’t careful.

There are a few simple safety measures that you can take in order to make sure no one ends the day with injuries. Don’t sit around and wait for bad things to happen, be proactive and ensure that you have a smooth move.

Moving day safety tips on moving out


If you have small children you need to keep them as far away from the moving process as possible. If you can get a babysitter but if you can’t, and it happens all the time, see if you can stash them in a room out of the way where they can be kept busy. They should behave responsibly during the move

That way you will know they are safe and you’ll be able to focus on getting things done.


Pets can be even more disastrous than children when it comes to moving day safety. One of the best tips on moving out is to keep your pets out of the way. If that means locking them in the bathroom for a bit, so be it. You wouldn’t want them to get squashed by a box or for them to trip a mover as they are going down the stairs.

If you can, perhaps ask a neighbor if they could look after your pet while you are moving. This is another great moving day safety tip.

Paths and hallways

You need to make sure all paths and hallways are clear both inside the home and outside it. Especially if you hire movers in Toronto, there is a lot of traffic going in and out of the house on moving day and you want to make sure everyone stays safe.

Be sure to get rid of any obstacles that you may have lying around. Shoes, even floor mats can get in the way if they are not laying completely flat. Be thoughtful of the surroundings and the route through the house the movers will be taking.


There are some other little things that can lead to problems on a moving day if you are not careful and ways of getting ahead of them are truly the best tips on moving out. 

For example, what will you be wearing that day? You want to wear something comfortable that will keep you warm or cool, depending on the time of year you are moving.

You should also consider how your clothing restricts your movement. You don’t want to wear something that will get caught on things.

Keep these moving day safety tips in mind and if you are in the planning stages of a move, give Let’s Get Moving a call. We are located in Toronto and will be more than happy to get you to your new home.

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