How Much Do Movers Cost in Burnaby, BC?

Moving cost in Burnaby

Moving in or out of Burnaby involves many factors that affect the cost, including move distance (local or long-distance), size of property, moving company, timing, and the general cost of living in Burnaby.

Certainly! The table below will give you a quick overview of local and long-distance move costs in or out of Burnaby based on different apartment sizes.

For Local move within Burnaby

Apartment size Average cost
Studio/small1-bedroom $500-$750
Two-bedroom $800-$1200
Three-bedroom $1200-$2000
Four-bedroom or larger $2100-$3500

For Long-distance move in/out of Burnaby

Apartment size Average cost
Studio/small1-bedroom $1500-$2500
Two-bedroom $2200-$3500
Three-bedroom $4000-$6500
Four-bedroom or larger $7000-$10,000

Average Cost Of Movers In Burnaby 2023

The cost of moving to Burnaby can be challenging. However, if you research, ask the right questions, and plan your move, you can choose the right moving company.

You can refer to this cost guide to know the average costs for some of the most common moving services in Burnaby, BC. You can also contact a local moving company, Burnaby, to get a custom quote based on the size of your property.

Cost of Local Moving within Burnaby

For a local move in Burnaby, you can expect an hourly moving rate that includes a specific-sized moving crew and a truck. The standard movers rate usually includes $130-$150 for two movers and 1 truck.

Hiring movers is a safer option to pack and move your belongings in a secured truck. 

In addition to the hourly rate, other factors such as the number of moves, the size of the car, and getting extra services like packing and unpacking will influence the final cost of your move.

  • Moving a one-bedroom apartment within Burnaby averages as low as $500 and can go up to $1000 or more. Local Burnaby movers will be at the lower end of the spectrum, while long-distance movers will cost more.
  • Larger properties with two or three bedrooms range from $2000 to $3500. The best way to save when moving more larger properties is to declutter before moving and reduce the need for moving supplies.

In Burnaby, the cost of commercial and office moves can vary based on the size of the office.

Small office moves typically range from approximately $500 to $1,500, while medium-sized offices may cost between $1,500 and $3,000, and large office moves can reach $3,000 or more. These moving cost estimates typically include 2-4 movers and a truck.

Cost of Long-Distance Moving to or From Burnaby

The cost to hire movers across Canada depends on various factors. Local moves can be as affordable as a few hundred dollars, whereas long-distance relocation expenses in Burnaby can be around $3,500. However, it’s important to note that the actual cost can fluctuate significantly due to various influencing factors.

The average moving cost from Vancouver to Burnaby typically ranges from $500 to $1,000, which includes 4-6 hours of service provided by two movers. 

Despite the relatively short distance between Vancouver and Burnaby, the overall cost of moving services is influenced by factors like the size and weight of your belongings.

Burnaby, like many cities in the Vancouver metropolitan area, comes with many unique challenges, like high housing costs and relatively more expenses related to utilities in Vancouver.

Knowing the actual moving cost in Vancouver will help you plan and execute your move while staying within your budget.

Factors Affecting Moving Costs in Burnaby

Certain factors influence the cost of movers in Burnaby- some are part of the process, but some are hidden.

As a general rule, keep in mind that you are paying an hourly moving price, and the more hours you move, the more the overall cost will increase.

Below are the most significant factors that affect the cost of hiring movers in Burnaby:

Moving distance 

The distance between your origin and destination is a prime aspect contributing to Burnaby’s moving cost. Find out how long it takes to drive from your current address to the new address. Also, remember that it may go longer if traffic or a large truck needs to take a different route.

Type & Volume of Household Goods

The more you want to move, the more your move will cost. And this cost will increase more if you hire movers to pack and unpack, too.

The volume of your belongings will determine the size of the moving truck required. A larger truck can accommodate more items but may come at a higher rental cost. Additionally, the weight and volume of your items affect the fuel costs and may necessitate larger or multiple trucks.

If you have delicate, valuable, or specialized items like antiques, artwork, or fragile glassware, they may require extra care, unique packing materials, and handling. This can increase the cost as it demands more time and expertise from the movers.

For piano moving in Burnaby, the cost can range from $250-$500, and for hot tubs and similar items, you can expect to pay around $500 or more, based on the size and weight of the item.

Cost of Packing

Factors Affecting Packing Cost in Burnaby

Two primary factors influence the cost of packing your belongings:

  • The expenses associated with the packing materials utilized and 
  • the labour time required by movers to securely pack your items.

This encompasses costs for items like labels, boxes, tape, cushioning materials, and other packing supplies. You can utilize a packing cost calculator to obtain a precise estimate for your particular packing requirements.

Typically, the cost of packing and relocating to Burnaby comes within the range of $2,200 to $6,500 for long-distance moves.

Moving date

Most moving companies in Burnaby charge you the same price regardless of the day or season, while others change their rates based on climate and weather in Burnaby.

Generally, you can pay a higher moving price during the weekend and the peak moving season, summer. Additionally, moving during the beginning or end of the month may also result in higher expenses due to increased demand, as movers are more occupied during these times.

Access fees

Access fees can significantly impact the cost of moving in Burnaby, whether you’re relocating to or from the area. These fees are charges incurred due to various potential obstacles during the moving process, which may include:

  • Multiple Flights of Stairs 
  • Narrow Staircases or Hallways 
  • Elevator Usage
  • Shuttle Services for Multiple Stops 
  • Appliance Hook-Up/Disconnect Fees (Varies by appliance)

These costs can add up quickly, so you can inquire about access fees before hiring movers to understand the expense of moving in Burnaby.

The good news is that you can reduce access fees by following simple moving hacks that make everything more accessible and cheaper.

  • Move belongings to the ground floor and save one stair and elevator charges.
  • Get parking permits in advance to avoid long-carry fees.
  • Disconnect and unplug appliances and electronics
  • Disassemble furniture to facilitate a smoother transition
  • Additional Costs during the move


Getting free quotes, whether in person or virtually, is the most reliable approach to knowing the accurate moving cost in Burnaby. Moving Companies can provide a moving cost estimate that lets you organize your moving budget accordingly.

Connect with Burnaby movers today to discuss your requirements and to get an accurate moving quote.

Frequently Asked Questions about Burnaby Movers

What is the cheapest way to move to or from Burnaby, BC?

Hiring full-service Burnaby movers is the most affordable way to move. By packing some items on your own, you can benefit from better pricing that can’t be matched with DIY moves.

Is the cost to move to Burnaby high?

Moving costs to, in, from, and around Burnaby can be higher than in other places. However, planning and cost-saving measures allow you to make the most of your move without compromising quality.

How can I save money on moving costs in Burnaby?

Reducing the weight/number of items being moved, packing belongings yourself, and decluttering can all help to minimize the cost of moving to Burnaby. Additionally, getting a free moving quote and understanding the overall cost can help reduce your moving expenses.

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