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They call us Canada’s Favourite Movers and you will soon understand why. We charge per hour and we offer all-inclusive moving service. When we say all-inclusive, we mean movers’ labour, truck, gas, distance, supplies, insurance, etc. No hidden fees and no extra costs will surprise you during the moving process.

On your scheduled moving day and hour, a crew of movers from Let’s Get Moving will arrive at your door, smiling and ready to rock it. They will come fully prepared with everything you need for completing a successful move. Once you welcome them inside, first thing they do is to cover your floors with a protection runner. And since we bother that much with protecting the floors of what is soon-to-be your old house, you can bet we also go above and beyond to protect the belongings that are coming with you in your new one! We will wrap every piece of furniture nicely, in special blankets, secure them with special tape and load them in the truck. Nothing goes in randomly! We calculate the positioning of each item, to make sure they are all safely stacked. Once we finish loading, we travel to your new home, where we unload the contents of the truck inside. You will have to tell us where to put the furniture and, if you need to reassemble anything, we can gladly help.

To make sure your move goes as smooth as possible, we also help by bringing you two wardrobe boxes. The clothes you have on hangers can easily be transported from a wardrobe to another with the help of these boxes, without the need to remove hangers and fold anything. We can also help you pack everything, if you want. Just let us know in advance, when you book.

We start counting the hours for billing when the truck leaves our office and stop counting when it comes back. This way, we offer maximum fairness and the best prices for professional moving services in the GTA. We offer discounts each month, on working days, from 4 to 26. Call now to inquire!

Mississauga Movers

You are going to be moving to or out of Mississauga

You are probably going to be looking for all the help you can get! At Let’s Get Moving, a top moving company in Mississauga, we have helped many people just like you and your family with moving to Mississauga. Our movers are highly experienced and are always happy to make your moving job easier by providing quality services that are not only fast but affordable too!

We know that moving to or from Mississauga can be extremely hectic

That’s why our professional crews are here to take the burden off your shoulders. Let’s Get Moving offers a reputable service whether you’re moving within the town or leaving to a far-off location. We know that relocating can put immense stress on your entire household.

That’s why our professional movers in Mississauga, Ontario are here to make it as easy as possible for you. We will give you all the resources and expertise you need to make your moving day a lot easier. It doesn’t matter whether you’re covering a short or long distance; our expert crews are always ready to go the extra mile.

We have the right team

Partnering with the right people during a relocation process can make a huge difference. Remember, there is always the risk of your items ending up stolen, broken, or damaged if you don’t hire professional movers. At Let’s Get Moving, we assure you of a professional, fully licensed, and insured team.

Our drivers are trained on how to ensure clients’ items arrive safely and on time. Our crews will conduct themselves with a high level of professionalism when on the job. We always vet and thoroughly screen our teams prior to hiring. When you choose us, be assured that you’re in good company.

What we offer

At Let’s Get Moving, we strive to give each client a memorable service in order to earn referrals, which keep our business going. When you choose us, expect:

  • Professional moving crews, drivers, and operators
  • Fully licensed and insured experts
  • Attention to detail in every aspect of your relocation process
  • Packing and unpacking services upon request
  • Each move is customized to suit the client’s needs and budget

Let’s Get Moving

We’ll coordinate your move

Whether you’re relocating a few items in your home or the entire household, we’ll give you the support and guidance you need to make it work. We even help businesses that need our relocation service to minimize downtime by coming up with a plan that mitigates all potential risks.

Our experience and expertise in commercial and office relocations allow us to provide meticulous service. We have a great team of movers who will make things easier for you, your family, or your employees. Let’s help you come up with a plan to get to your new place. We’ll help you figure out where things are going to go and make the whole process a lot easier.

Moving with children?

Many of our clients are families who are relocating with their kids. While moving with kids has its challenges, we strive to offer you all the support you need to ensure they also enjoy a pleasant relocation experience.

We normally advise parents to look for activities for the kids to do on the relocation day. You may also decide to look for an alternative residence for the kids if the process will take a few days to complete. Doing this will make things much easier for you.

Mississauga Moving & Packing Bonuses

Did you know that what our company, Let’s Get Moving, does for you during your move is more than just moving you from one point to another? We offer full packing services, which means that if you want to move tomorrow, you don’t have to move a muscle for that. Leave your home as it is and we will come to pack everything. EVERYTHING, that is. Even the fridge, even the laundry you didn’t have time to do yet. We pay extra attention to the placement of each object, so we can unpack them just as easily and so that objects that have nothing to do with one another are not put in the same boxes. If you are looking for a reliable moving company in Mississauga, look no more.


Over the years, we became known as one of the best moving companies in Mississauga. And don’t believe us with that. Instead, believe the hundreds of happy customers who completed their residential and commercial moves in Mississauga with Let’s Get Moving. The majority of them were so happy about their moves with LGM, they recommended us to their families, their co-workers, and their friends. And not only that, but they also left reviews on Yelp, Google, Homestars, and Facebook, letting others know what a move with Let’s Get Moving looks like. We are very grateful for their reviews and we know they weigh so much more than any words coming from us would.

Check them out or check out the small samples below:

lets get moving Video reviews
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lets get moving reviews
lets get moving Canada reviews

Thousands of satisfied customers who have become lifelong clients and recommend us to their friends and family are a result of the years of experience we have built up. To us, word of mouth is everything. Our objective is to turn one-time clients into devoted friends. It always makes us very happy to hear from existing clients who refer others to us. The clientele we have built up is strong and keeps expanding. Check out what others are saying before you believe us. We are available on different websites, including Yelp, Facebook, Google, and Homestar. Reading our clients’ feedback will give you a better understanding of how we work.




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If you want to figure out how many packing boxes you need for your next move then use our packing Calculator. Most of your belongings need to be packed for protection during a move. Let us help you find the moving boxes and packing materials that you need with our free packing calculator.